Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Why Should I Buy Union?

I have bought, mainly, only Ford cars for so much longer than I can remember. I have done so for over forty years, because I have become familiar with repairing Fords, my grandpa had a two tone, blue/white '56 Ford Fairlane which was a beaut, my Dad owned Fords, and they have been among the dwindling "All American" cars.

At present, Ford cars and parts may be assembled almost anywhere in the world, but I still buy them because of their American name brand. Buy them while you can until we nationalize the car industry and only be able to buy Obamamobiles which will probably be below the par of the fabled Edsel and Trabant.

Ford Motor seems to be more viable than GM and Chrysler which is another reason to buy Ford, but with the government favoring the competitors with Billions of Bailout Bucks, it may be harder for Ford to compete with the government favored car makers. As the Queen's Parfumeur knocked out competition because she chose a particular perfume maker, Uncle Sam is picking and choosing which industries it will bless with billions of printed dollars it does not own, yet, or ever may own. This is among many things which drives the stock market crazy - and downward. However, look for windmill companies and solar panel makers to have a boom. Oh, and Gold, because of the cheapening of the dollar and U.S. securities.

Unions paid big time into the Obamacrats campaigns. They are getting amply rewarded. The Coal Union endorsed Obama, so they will be rewarded with no job - even after Obama threatened to "bankrupt" them!(oh, those Dems, who can figure?).

President George W. Bush saved the U.S. steel industry by imposing tariffs on imported imported steel in 2002, and so the Dem Steel Union, of course, voted Obamacratic. They will be rewarded with a deepened recession.

Government Unions, like AFCSE and every other local, state, and federal government entity which hires, joyfully endorsed Obamacrats and have been amply rewarded with being fired - because the above governments have not been able to afford their way above average-joe-bagodonuts wages and benefits.

Teachers Unions comprise the few jobs which are genuinely fireproof. They are so powerful (accept in teaching skills) that their numbers increase, even as student enrollments and proficiency decline. They vote Obamacratic and have billions of taxpayer money to support the Obamacracy. California owes much of its debt to over funding education and less than nothing to show for it. I believe Governor Arnold is fighting teachers inc. in California, trying to persuade them to allow over 20 students in a classroom. No way, they say.

I don't have to explain why Lawyer's Associations have been paid off. Lilly Ledbetter Act is just one.

Although the vast majority of African Americans voted Democrat, only a small percentage of them will go to college and/or be granted government mandated employment opportunities. Sadly, most blacks will continue to suffer government mandated poverty, unwed motherhood, and a life of crime in the big Democrat cities in which they reside.

Back to cars. Although I have been a humble and proud American - until Obama - buying only American cars, I cannot justify buying anything from, especially , auto unionized companies when it is a matter of me paying these gluttons for my money, after they so enthusiastically support Obamacrats and the ruination of America.