Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Bill O'Reilly 'We Really Don't Know Obama's Personal Views On Abortion.' O'Really, O'Reilly?

Yeah Sure, And We Cannot Be Certain Of Nancy Pelosi's Feelings On Infanticide, Either

Glenn Mccoy's Original Cartoon Here

O'Bama is storm-trooping his way into the Presidency, treading on all that is holy, especially his disdain for the birth of babies, which is a 'punishment' as opposed to "Behold, children are a heritage from the LORD, the fruit of the womb is a reward" (Psalm 127:3)

Ohio is the slowest growing state, population wise, and we are suffering for it. We cannot even entice illegals because of the cold weather and high taxes. We need children. Japanese businesses are giving time off and other incentives to encourage the building of families as opposed to Planned Parenthood's destruction of families. Obama is not only increasing Planned Parenthood's budget for American infanticide, but he is sharing his HOPEless policy with foreign countries - again, as Democrats are known to enjoy.

That Bad Catholic, Nancy Pelosi, looks at abortion as a money saving issue. I would like to tell Nancy that a billion abortions would not save California from its financial crisis. What does it take to get excommunicated from the Catholic Church nowadays? What has Ted Kennedy paid to avoid excommunication? A soul, perhaps?

Twenty-five percent of Evangelicals, who identify themselves as "born again," voted for Obama, so their view on abortion is no longer a mystery. Evangelicals should be equally embarrassed by electing Ted Haggard as the President of the National Association Of Evangelicals. More on Ted Haggard: Not again! Ted Haggard stars in another Pelosi film AND another sex scandal. May God help them all, anyway.

If Nancy is concerned about the cost to the state for aiding children not supported by a father legally married to a woman, then just stop supporting the unmarried girls who give birth to bastards - which is the word that could not be used today, because it would be insensitive and, perhaps, might shame the tramps who have all the babies out of wedlock. Democrats, who have loathed the necessity of legitimate marriages in society, are now seeing their government budgets being bit in the rear because of their policies which promote promiscuity. In Ohio the Democrat governor recently killed the promotion of abstinence teaching in public schools. Chlamydia and syph are at epidemic levels. However, even bastards deserve to live. One ancient document even describes such women as whores. Not to worry, feminists, there are plenty of whoremongers contributing to the problem.

One study "proves" that with an increase in abortion, crime falls. How about if we just kill off the demographic that commits the most serious crimes - ages 25 to 34?

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