Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Could Obama Be A Latent Neocon?

Any man who is under 30, and is not a liberal, has no heart; and any man who is over 30, and is not a conservative, has no brains." Winston Churchill

Since Obama left the Rev Wright and his cultic influence, I believe he has had several "come to Jesus meetings," as well as a couple of come to Bush meetings.

According to Wikpedia:"Neoconservatism is a political philosophy that emerged in the United States. Its key distinction is in international affairs, where it espouses an interventionist approach that seeks to defend what neo-conservatives deem as national interests. In addition, unlike traditional conservatives, neoconservatives are comfortable with a minimally-bureaucratic welfare state; and, while generally supportive of free markets, they are willing to interfere for overriding social purposes."

President Obama's very illusive inaugural speech, which followed equally evasive campaign promises, hinted that even he does not want to upset the applecart of capitalism and free(er) enterprise. Despite all his talk of the "unfairness of the rich being rich," Obama knows that any attempt to destroy the rich, destroys the economy.

Obama has worked most of his life - at Harvard, and in Chicago wanting to damn the Man, but now that he has grown up, he has become the Man, and husband, and father which requires more responsibility than a town-crying street activist shouting for the "workers (and welfare recipients) of the world to unite."

Obama's cabinet picks are not all far left and neither are they middle road, but he is a quick study of policy and may not swallow all the green,pacifistic, anti free marketing, liberal spending, union groveling, educrat money hogging, medical industry killing, or terrorist appeasing which his friends on the left live for. The Democrat electorate may be worshipping a man who has seen the light i.e. the darkness of gigantuous government.

Many have seen Barack's promise-breaking as a flaw. If people change their mind, or repent, for the better, I think better of them. We will soon find out if Obama is still that young commie activist, or if he has graduated to recognizing the United States as a democratic republic where freedom of enterprise is not cobbled by an imposing central government.

As far as Obama's Christianity, he may be seen as being "very young in the Lord," even though I know a Baptist minister who is nearly certain that Barack is the antichrist (Rick Warren was the Man of Sin last year), and I remember over thirty years ago when Henry Kissinger was - for sure - Satan incarnate. Obama confesses to be a Christian, and unless he studies and understands Christ in the Word, he will lose whatever savor of salt he has.

Obama will not be getting his spiritual guidance from Rev. White or Jesse Jackson, who may stow wire nippers in his Bible. Rick Warren, mentored by the ever positive Rev. Shuller, is probably not the worse choice, but I suspect and hope that Obama will be seeking guidance as his idol Abraham Lincoln did, one on One.

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