Sunday, November 23, 2008

The 21st Century Recolonization Of America

When the Spanish arrived in the New World they found savages,from the Latin, "they live in the woods," and heathen,"the unconverted." Indians were not considered civilized according to the Holy Roman definition of civilization, and were not very technologically advanced.

The Europeans should not be considered perfectly good, nor should the Indians of old be considered perfectly evil. If you would ask a Native American today if he would like to return to having teepees, syphilitic plagues, no refrigerators, cars, or store-bought meat, they probably would not want to return to the olden days.

My point is, that just as the American Indian was taken advantage of by European cunning and force (they sold Manhattan for $24 in cloth and buttons), American citizens, today, have sold their birthright to the international community, because we Anglos, Afros, and Indians have become neo heathens and neo savages. Indians wore loin cloths and little else, and we modern Americans allow our boys to wear the gangsta droopy-drawers, as girls are show more flesh than "French whores."

Despite our blessing and prosperity, we are aborting more than a million future citizens a year, we promote sodomy, when even Communist China recognizes the damage it causes to the family and to the state, and we have allowed foreign countries to dominate our economy by buying up so much of America - just as the Europeans did starting 500 years ago. Our divorce rate, adultery, and promiscuity causes us to look more savage than Indians, Muslims, Communists . . . you name it.

Our savage lust has directed our no-future interests toward the here and now and the "eat, drink, and be merry for tomorrow we die" syndrome. We have indebted ourselves, much more so, with the help of country crushing liberals, while avoiding the thought of future payments - such as the cumulative, future costs of Medicare and Social Security @70 trillion dollars.

The U.S. owes China, possibly, 3 trillion dollars and owes 10 trillion dollars overall for the national debt. BTW we seldom remember that for all that debt we got a lot of cheap goods in return.

We have foolishly paid our lib, Democrat auto union workers an average of $130,000 per year in salary and benefits, and our lib, Democrat, union teachers are paid far more than countries which actually maintain discipline and graduate literate students.
China produces four times the engineers that the U.S. graduates and Japan twice as many of the same because of sound, disciplined math and science courses which are first encouraged in their elementary schools. Not so in the United States. Global school systems also do not hate boys.

So who are the savages, today? We are. When you see even evangelicals voting for Democrats, you know that their faith has turned toward heathenism.

Globalists can easily take advantage of the the American slavish work ethic. Socialist Europeans cannot afford to hire Europeans to to work like Americans. The average U.S. worker is more productive than any other in the world. This can be good and bad. America workers have not grabbed hold of the more leisurely work schedules of Europeans with their multiple-month vacations, just yet. Wait until Obama's giveaway programs become full force and expect a more socialistic (France has 35 hour work week),coupled with less incentive for enterprenural company builders to invest. However, many Americans have been pushing too hard for the almighty dollar and have suffered for it, emotionally, spiritually, and physically.

Just at the Spanish, French, Dutch, and English took advantage of a naive American Indian, we are selling out to a multitude of foreign ReColonizers who are taking advantage of us with our consent. Our great country has a lot to attract foreign investors from around the earth, but what is the cost? We are wearing down ourselves,as well as the U.S. Treasury, as we descend deeper into debt.

The FDIUS (Foreign Direct Investment Into United States) comprises 10% to 20% of our total economy. That is very nice for Americans working here, but profits are still sent to foreign countries.
The USDIA (U.S. Direct Investment Abroad)has not been increasing relative to foreign companies in the U.S. In other words, they are gaining, we are losing.

We forget that the motivation for the Boston Tea Party was that England was selling tea for less than the Americans, because of the duties imposed on American tea. Free trade always costs someone something. The U.S. is profiting from "colonizing" cheap labor,globally, as other countries are colonizing/enslaving us.

Just as the American Colonies fought for freedom from Great Britain's and their Redcoats in the Revolutionary War, we now have to fight another enemy that wears Red - socialist, internationalist Democrats who are progressing the country toward recolonization.