Friday, January 16, 2009

The Government Says Spend,Spend, Spend. Americans Say No, No, No

As the economy tanks, expect the FedGov to devise even more creative (devious) ways to get the fiscally cautious and conservative Americans to loosen up and spend their way further into oblivion in order to "save the economy."

John Maynard Keynes economic theory of "spending your way out of debt," has become the Obama mantra for saving the United States from another Great Depression, although there are good arguments that support the idea that the Depression was lengthened for years because of excessive government spending, illogical taxation, and severe intrusions into the private sector. Keynes, an infamous homosexual on the down low, had no care for the future of his children, grandchildren or anyone else's progeny because he was only interested in the here and now, and not the future. So why not institute the quick fix of massive government spending to jump start economies, if it only causes future bankruptcy? IOW Kenyes had no mind for eternity or the next year.

The bailout bills have been coming at us fast and furious, a trillion dollars at a time. Every push for manufacturing money out of thin air has been called an emergency measure, but neither the stock market, the banks, or the public is buying it.

In fact, the American public is loathe to buy anything - at Christmas or anytime else. The government, however, is obsessed with getting the citizenry to spend, or else. Or else, the government will spend for us, and send us the bill later.

A couple of the latest examples devised to ignite people to spend is the most recent congressional proposal to outlaw used clothing sales - so that even the poorest of people would be forced to buy new, and the Cash for Klunkers program that would all but eliminate the used car and parts markets, thus forcing the populace to buy new cars.

The government's not-so-bright idea to force record amounts of debt "for the economy's sake" has never worked, unless you count World War II which actually saved the day for the first Democratic messiah, FDR.
I don't even think that Obama or the Democrats know how much they need a World War III to hoist America out of the fiscal jam they got us into.
Since it would be "their war," the mainstream media and the Dem Congress,would suddenly become the most pro war, patriotic hawks history has ever seen.