Monday, December 29, 2008

Was President Bush Too "Muscular?"

President Bush has been hated for every reason imaginable, such as, he "touted" prayer and said things like

"Americans pray for a number of reasons, such as acknowledging God's sovereignty in our lives and our complete dependence on Him." He concluded his remarks by saying that the "greatest gift we can offer anyone is the gift of our prayers, because our prayers have power beyond our imagining." And. . .

When asked, why we went to war to punish, and liberate Iraq, he answered, "To him who is given much, much is required." And. . .

After being asked what he thought of his popularity rating (much higher than Congress,BTW), he responded, " I could not sell my soul, just to be popular." Far different than the Dems' responses who spent multi millions on popularity polls. Hillary still owes 7 million dollars to pay off her worthless pollsters who stuck their fingers in the air to determine her campaign direction. Too bad, Obama was able to hire so many more fingers. (Insert joke here ___________________)

After Bush's medical physical, it was reported that his body fat was about fifteen percent. Slate magazine then promptly reported that wasn't so great because Bill Clinton's body fat index was calculated (by Slate Magazine) as being similar.

President Bush has mainly been derided for his "too muscular" international diplomacy. The Europeans, the United Nations (only united in their hate for the U.S. like our own leftist media), and communists world over, have consistently criticized Bush for his "warmongering belligerence." IOW he carried a Big Stick and used it - with discretion.

What happens when your President has no muscle? Bill Clinton and, it looks like Obama, are good examples. OK, Obama has less body fat than W, but like Bill Clinton who avoided every battle with Jihadists, and even supported Kosovo where the Taliban was training, Barack Hussein Obama may become the next Bill-like Grand Appeaser.

You will also not find muscularity in Pakistan at present where an old softy like President Zardari (Mr. Ten Percent - Google It) replaced Musharraf who was more aligned with the U.S. in ousting the Taliban and Jihadists in general.
The American press as well as the world demanded that the semi-ally Musharraf be ousted so that Mr. President Ten Percent Zardari could lead Pakistan - right into the terlet.

Since the election of Zardari, the Taliban and other Jihadists have been reencouraged, deadly bombings are on the increase, and there is much more fear, confusion and rebellion in Pakistan. The turmoil has spread to Afghanistan - all because Pakistan has lost its political and physical muscle.
I pray that Obama will put those pects to good use in fighting for truth, justice, and the American way.

Democrats are always brave, unfortunately before wars begin. LBJ chickened out of Vietnam, Kennedy and Kerry were pro communist in Central America, Maxine Waters and the MSM love Cuba, House and Senate Democrats were pro Iraq invasion until . . . , and Clinton defended the Jihadists from the Serbians. How many churches have been burned down in the former Yugoslavia by your peaceful Muslim types, so far?

During the height of the Iraq War (where mistakes were made, and what war is not fraught with a multitude of mistakes?) many Dems wanted us to attack North Korea. Dems only enjoy wars won by the enemy. This is obvious from all the rhetoric and congressional hearings they entertained, which sole purpose was to lose a war and embarrass the United States for merely selfish political reasons.

Our own Mainstream Media, and the world, it seems, is in a sort of an unconscious stupor, not recognizing that a lot of "muscle" has kept another 9/11 from happenning here, but it will continue with Pakistan, yet not Israel.

Israel, despite its unfair share of libs, still has muscle.