Monday, December 08, 2008

Associated Press & NBER Lie Again - There Is No Official Recession

We have been hearing from MSM that the U.S. has been suffering an economic recession since 2007 - according to the NGO Non Governmental Organization Bureau Of Economic Research. This is not an official organ of government. IOW this widely quoted "finding" was just made up by a very lib group of economists. (They also predicted better financial times ahead - in 1931- see National Bureau projection).

No wonder the NY Times, the Cleveland Plain Dealer, and every other newspaper is laying off or considering bankruptcy, as are the Chicago Tribune and Los Angeles Times. Oh, and Chris Matthews, even with cellar dweller ratings, is considering a run for Congress. All the above have fed off the Associated Press for the most faulty, biased, god-awful news stories. These flunky, liberal news groups promoted Obama beyond human conscience or sensibility, and now they are dying.

They blame the Internet and cable TV, but these hard core leftist publishers will not admit how boring, prejudiced, and inaccurate they are and have been.

The National Bureau Of Economic Research, has a decidedly leftist agenda, according to my research. If you like high oil prices as they do, and more money thrown at education, big government, and other social programs, you should become a member of the NBER. Why else would the AP tout these phony recession pronouncements, prematurely, if the NBER was not lib?

Democrats do not like playing by any rules and the rule for Recession has been "two succeeding quarters of Gross Domestic Product economic downturn."

Why has the NBER and Associated Press decided, and the press accepted, the fudging of facts, time after time? I can answer that by substituting the lyrics in your church hymnal to "All To Obama, I Surrender," from the church hit, I Surrender All. "I Have Decided To Follow Obama" is another good one.

Here is another excellent article on the subject from African American, out of North Star Writers Group, Herman Cain.