Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Deepak Chopra Is Not That Deep

Notice one of Deepak's gods with all the arms which could be put to better use if she would only pick up a few - simultaneously, of course - American and world history books.
Thou shalt have no other gods before me
Deepak seems to have accused the Indian Mumbai attacks on the United States for "inflaming moderate Muslims," and that we should reach out and study the "poverty" and "humiliation," which these poor people suffer. He should know that the a large number of Muslims have a divine mandate to manifest destiny over infidels, independent of their richness or poverty.

Deepak also blamed the U.S. support of the Taliban in Chechnya for training the same people who are now are our mortal enemies, and who bring terror to over twenty countries worldwide. How could we have supported such terrorists in Cheknya, the Man Of Higher Intellect and Spiritualism asks?

Come down to earth (or up to earth, Deepak, might be more appropriate) and let me share with the Enlightened One an education in how we have supported past enemies who later became our friends and vice versa. Not as if we can even know the future like Hindu intellects.

Since the dawn of time, countries have made alliances with one another when it was advantageous at the time. Much of America was once allied very closely, as was India, as a colony with England. We, like India, demanded our independence and fought against our former ally in the Revolutionary War and the War Of 1812. We later became friends, and still are.

Historically follow any country's alliances past, present and future. It is obvious that your former friends are your future enemies. Allies today will be fighting us tomorrow. Such is the simplest understanding of history. We had good relations with the Czar and the Communists early in the Twentieth Century. Later, we disavowed all that was considered Communistic (except, today, half of the American electorate has endorsed the Democrats, and they have no clue what their evil intentions are). We were very much allied against Germany with Russia in WWII, and then a long Cold War followed by Perestroika. It appears, unfortunately, that we may be again sharing a cold shoulder with the Russians under Putin.

Looking at any nation's history the above pattern can be observed over and over and over again.

Deepak, please, put down the Vedanta and Bhagavad Vita and pick up any world history book, and may I suggest, the Bible.

PS I do want to credit Deepak for believing in Intelligent Design. He has written more recently a book about Jesus, but qualifies his biography with "I don't want this Jesus to be worshipped."
Deepak is a doctor who fortunately is more spiritual and may be much closer to the Truth than America's atheist radio doctor, Dean Edell.

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