Friday, January 23, 2009

Martin Luther King Legacy: Too Black To Fail, Too White To Work

Robert Reich, January 2009: "If construction jobs go mainly to white males who already dominate the construction trades, many people who need jobs the most -- women, minorities, and the poor and long-term unemployed -- will be shut out."
Rev. Joe Lowery, Presidential Inauguration 2009: "When black will not be asked to get back, when brown can stick around, when yellow will be mellow, when the red man can get ahead, man, and when white will embrace what is right."

I must give credit to Dr. Martin Luther King for some of his activism which alleviated much of the angst, bias and lynchings suffered by blacks though the centuries. King's legacy should also include his sellout to the Left, which helped to separate African Americans from prosperity, a decent education, legitimate births, morality, and their Christian heritage. Don't call me a racist, yet. The Left has done the same thing for, at least, half of white Americans who vote Democrat.

Since King, however, was a lover rather than a fighter, I will remember him somewhat for his adulteries while posing as a Christian minister, as well as his "stealing the hearts" of patriotic Americans who wanted to win the Vietnam War where I served.

MLK's 1967 "Beyond Vietnam" sermon compared the U.S. effort in Vietnam with Castro's, Mao's, and Ho Chi's communism. No wonder that his progeny, Obama, is such a promoter of a large communal-style government.

King aligned himself with the selfish left which is usually only concerned for its own self preservation over the needs of fellow man, domestic and abroad. MLK opposed the African-American separatism encouraged by Malcolm X, and he seemingly denounced distinctions made by employers on account of racial bias. Unfortunately, it appears that African Americans have established to themselves a culture far separated from constitutional, traditional American values as has their liberal white blood brothers who bonded with black America - through Martin Luther King. IOW, MLK was one of the first Repubicans (Mark Levin's spelling) to pull a John McCain and sidle up with the socialist Democrats.

Racial quotas and other government favoritism has all but killed Martin Luther King's dream. For instance:Large Democratic cities have been under lawsuit attack for years because, "African Americans who cannot pass firefighter civil service tests should be given the civil service job notwithstanding that they could not pass various tests." The reasoning goes that even though the tests cannot be proven to be prejudicial against minorities, they must still be given the job, anyway, in order to satisfy civil rights and affirmative action goals/quotas. Large Democratic cities like Akron and Cleveland, etc., which are more likely to find Democrat "OJ" juries, almost guarantee a settlement in favor of "the little guy" over the "Man" ie., a private company or city government.

The "boosting" of unqualifed minorities (including women) also applies to favoritism in private employment where a business has a government contract, The same goes for hiring practices in academics, and all government jobs. The loss to the Gross Domestic Product because of the hiring of less proficient employees must be in the trillions of dollars, although it is hard to find an academic or government researcher to confirm this - since such research is, of course, verboten.

In the below reports of minorities winning lawsuits on account of "bias testing," examples of the bias are never published. One lawyer can easily persuade a Democrat jury without using solid evidence.

Cleveland Ohio - "More than two dozen African American firefighters filed a lawsuit against the city claiming a promotion test was unfair to their race and was not linked to job performance. The city has agreed to promote 15 black firefighters and pay a $650,000 settlement." (Mar-15-06) [BEACON JOURNAL]

Akron Ohio - Plain Dealer - "A federal jury awarded the 23 firefighters a total of $1.9 million Tuesday, finding that the exams developed by EB Jacobs were biased against white candidates for captain and black candidates for lieutenant. In both instances, the exams discriminated against officers over 40. Because of deficiencies, they contend, blacks were over-promoted to captain and under-promoted to lieutenant [?????????]. The lieutenant test also was skewed in favor of firefighters under age 40, according to the civil lawsuit filed in 2006."

New Haven, CT - Adversity.Net, Tim Fay - "New Haven paid $100,000 to a high stakes diversity testing firm, IO Solutions, Inc. of Illinois, to design the exams to be completely free of any racial bias. This is a necessary step these days in order to avoid charges of disparate impact upon protected minority groups -- and New Haven does have a large population of protected minority groups.

IO Solutions, Inc. is one of a few dozen firms which specializes in this kind of politically correct test design, and they are very good at it. According to court filings, IO Solutions did everything right in designing the New Haven fire department's promotional exams to be completely race-neutral, i.e., to not have a disparate impact upon selected, preferred skin colors.

Yet, when the New Haven FD administered the race-neutral tests in November and December of 2003, white firefighters scored so much higher than their black and brown counterparts that very few preferred minorities would have been promoted to the seven open Captain vacancies, nor to the eight open Lieutenant vacancies, if the exam scores were used. New Haven's city charter requires that they follow a "rule of three" which requires that each open promotional position be filled from among the top three scorers on the exams.

If the "rule of three" were strictly applied to the 2003 promotional exams, it would have resulted in all of the open Captain and Lieutenant positions being filled by the best-qualified, highest scoring candidates.

Unfortunately the best-qualified, highest scoring candidates turned out to be mostly white.


The City Fathers and Mothers of New Haven reacted quickly to this politically unacceptable turn of events. They simply refused to certify the results of their fire department's race-neutral exams, thus effectively nullifying the results.

A reverse discrimination lawsuit was filed by the mostly white, highest-scoring firefighters who insisted that the race neutral exam scores should be used to promote them. Their lawsuit was thrown out by a liberal judge (a Clinton appointee), and the firefighters have filed an appeal which they stand a good chance of winning. More on that later.

The upshot is that as of the date of this posting (12-11-06) -- three years after the race-neutral exams were administered -- vacancies have been allowed to go unfilled and are temporarily occupied by firefighters in an 'acting' capacity. Some of the temporary 'acting' firefighters occupying these positions actually failed the Lieutenant and Captain exams, thereby endangering firefighters under their command and the public at large."

This must be the grand slam, trifecta, triple-double, alltime powerball winner of discrimination lawsuits if anyone cares to research it. Too much for me!
"A Los Angeles firefighter who said she was harassed at work because she is African-American, a woman and a lesbian received a $6.2 million jury award Tuesday in her discrimination case against the city. "

Following, is the unbelievable, and common story describing how the voracious, unequaled harassing by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission hounded a simple Akron businessman for not hiring black employees. The owner of West Point Market did everything humanly possible to seek and hire minority job applicants except shanghaiing them off streets. Minorities simply did not want to work at the business. The EEOC still had the unmitigated gall to charge the market with discrimination, thus starting a three year, very expensive court battle. "

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