Friday, February 06, 2009

Has The First 2 Weeks Of Obama Been Worse Than 8 Years Of Clinton?

My father scourged you with whips; I will scourge you with scorpions

President Barack Obama, like the legendary Mr. Clean - The White Tornado, has entered the presidency as a mighty rushing wind, not in a Pentecostal way, but quite the opposite. He has nearly taken the wind out of America's sails, and has pulled the breath out of its citizens - all in a manner of weeks.

Bill Clinton's initial Executive Orders (out of over 360 during his tenure) were relatively harmless, and be thankful he had enough sense to quash the Tell Everyone You're Gay In The Military rule. In fact, Clinton signed one of his early EOs to cut 100,000 federal jobs, but he promised and failed to deliver an additional 100,000 police to cities. Then again, he weakened the military. He was a complicated horndog, but he was convinced by a Republican Congress, eventually, not to make a complete fool of himself, at least until he ordered a pizza delivered by Ms Monica.

Clinton's first several executive orders signed early in 1993 were:

Executive Order 12834 Jan. 20, 1993 Ethics Commitments by Executive Branch Appointees

Executive Order 12835 Jan. 25, 1993 Establishment of the National Economic Council

Executive Order 12836 Feb. 1, 1993 Revocation of Certain Executive Orders Concerning Federal Contracting

Executive Order 12837 Feb. 10, 1993Deficit Control and Productivity Improvement in the Administration of the Federal Government

Executive Order 12838 Feb. 10, 1993Termination and Limitation of Federal Advisory Committees

Executive Order 12839 Feb. 10, 1993Reduction of 100,000 Federal Positions

A few Of Barack's executive orders in these first first two weeks have been:

January 22, 2009 Review and Disposition of Individuals Detained at the Guantanamo Bay Naval Base and Closure of Detention Facilities[Dear President: Where are you going to send these guys, as the ACLU believes Colorado's Supermax prison is considered a torture chamber? They could go back on the battlefield to kill American soldiers, as they have previously done. Of course, Obama, your lawyer friends (and you have many) should defend them as having the same rights as American citizens, because these battlefield combatants are to be treated better than what the Geneva Convention requires. Allow military secrets and other classified info be made available during their trials to that great patriotic newspaper The New York Times. The prisoners could be sent to Egypt or some Islamic nation where they will pull their fingers, or other body parts, right out of their bodies. Tough decision, President Obama, but I am almost certain you will make the wrong one.]

January 23, 2009 Obama signs the order to support baby killing overseas. President Obama on Friday lifted a ban on federal funding for international groups that promote or perform abortions, reversing a policy of his predecessor, George W. Bush.Obama signed the executive order one day after the 36th anniversary of the landmark Roe v. Wade Supreme Court ruling that legalized abortion in all 50 states.Liberal groups welcomed the decision while abortion rights foes criticized the president, who was long expected to make this move during his first week in office Fox News. [Even Bill Clinton had more respect for life than Senator Barry who promoted the Leave The Botched Abortion Baby In The Back Room To Die Act."]

January 26, 2009 President Obama announced an Executive Order on Jobs, Energy Independence and Climate Change at the White House. He is joined by Secretary of Transportation Ray H. LaHood and Lisa Jackson, Administrator, US EPA.[Obama, the brilliant engineer and scientist that he is, has ordered cars to attain 50 MPG, light bulbs to glow as the sun (15750000000000000000000000001.57 Octillion Candlepower), and the earth to cool down by 2 degrees by 2020. He also wants to "kill coal," oil and whatever else stands in his way of thinking and doing something reasonable and good for America.]

February 5, 2009 Barack signs order to changed Faith Based hiring practices: President Obama signed an executive order Thursday establishing a revamped White House Office on Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships.[ IOW, A Baptist pastor, or Catholic priest, or any but the most liberal churches will probably not participate in a Federal program which will force them to hire sodomites. Take that, Jeremiah Wright, who had no affinity for gays, but shovels in over 15 million dollars in grant money from FedGov!]

Yes, I am afraid, Barack and his stupendous ambitions, including the self defeating Hurry It Up Before We Die Big Bailout For Jobs And Foreclosed Mortgage Campaign , will maim the country's economy, FDR style, and unless he sees the light, and he may eventually sign an executive order to dim all U.S. light bulbs, the Democrats have elected a president which is Clinton times-a-thousand - accompanied by a Nancy Pelosi/Harry Reid Congress whose mindset must be challenged. [Mentally challenged]

The man who cited "Hope and Change" has exchanged that mantra for "Fear And Die" in order to push his stifling, emergency economic stimulus demands. Obama's recent White House dinner party served Wagyu Steak at $100.00 per serving during the worse economy since . . . I would like to suggest another entree for the White House as well as Congress's next dinner party: Pulled Pork.
Addendum-For more information on the non-American, Japanese-made, hand massaged, beer-fed beef cattle steak which fetches $100.000 per pound, check this, and BUY AMERICAN!