Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The APAP (Associated Press For Associated Palestinians) Loves Livni Hates Netanyahu,Lieberman

You shall make no covenant with them or with their gods

"Inconclusive Election Puts Israel, Peace In Limbo February 9 By Karin Laub" - Headline from the APAP (Associated Press for Associated Palestinians, formerly AP) news wire. The Associated Press, which is the primary international news feed for most newspapers and other cohorts in the Mainstream Media has been just as biased in its reporting about Israel as it has about Barack and the American Democrat party.

More than somewhat troubling is the fact that so many Western liberal Jews, including American academics, journalists, Hollywood types, lawyers, and politicians seem to be more in favor of Jihadists than their Israeli (or American) brethren who want peace as opposed to being cut in pieces.

The Obama administration, including Secretary of State Hillary, must be cheering for the slight edge that the Woman's Touch candidate, Tzipi Zippi Livni, has eeked out during Israel's Tuesday election. She gained slightly over the "far right," Take No Gruff, Real Man, candidate Benjamin Netanyahu. Lieberman, the "far, far right" candidate, who demands that Arab citizens of Israel take a loyalty oath, has gathered a surprising number of Parliamentary seats which determine who will eventually rule Israel.

The AP has obviously been rooting for Livni, running her race on the "Hope, No Fear" mantra (no kidding). She wants to divide both Israel and Jerusalem, pull settlers out of the West Bank, and otherwise just give the whole store away.

These peaceniks who are forever content with constantly chopping up and surrendering their own land remind me of the old Monty Python scene where a Brit Knight keeps fighting - as he loses every limb, one by one, off his body. Just for the fun of it, see it here.

One AP reporter, Karin Laub, has been reporting her bias against Israel for nearly thirty years from some undisclosed AP press bureau in the middle east.

Do a Google search using "Karin Laub" and "Israel," and check out some of the over the top, prejudiced stories which leave no doubt how biased the AP is.

So many of her reports, check this out, magnify the "brutality" of Israel against Hamas - for 'no good reason.' Typical reporting by Ms. Laub teamed up with a non Jewish sounding, fellow AP columnist named Ibrahim Barzak, have for years produced stories highlighting such things as Gaza conflict: Israel keeps objectives vague; Hamas declares victory in rallies across Gaza,;and 257 Palestinian children killed in Gaza, United Nations says. Always accentuating Israel's killing and destruction in Gaza and hate for Palestinians, the United State's and International's AP (should be renamed APAP, Associated Press for the Associated Palestinians)has splattered the bloodiest, most graphic photos of - Palestinians, only - on the front page of every paper and in the news stories of every MSM TV show in the country.

Not much mention of the over 5,0000 rockets and mortars, or suicide bomb attacks against Israel in the past several years. Long live Livni. Goodbye, Israel.

For More AP bias from an Israel-supporting Jew's point of view: