Monday, March 09, 2009

Its Hunting Season. Psychiatrists Issuing Licenses For Hunting Baptist Pastors, Others

How sad it was to hear that the long time Baptist Pastor, Fred Winters was killed while preaching "happiness" behind his pulpit by a certified crazy man.
Pastor Fred of the First Baptist Church of Edwardsville, Illinois held his Bible to stop short just one of the four .45 automatic bullets that were aimed at him. How symbolic was that reaction of using a Bible as a shield in this era of Obamacratic anti-Christianity. Pastor Fred, as we say, has received his reward and is, indeed, at long last - happy.

However, we are not happy that deranged people are so often excused of their murders because the psychiatric, psychological, and sociological professionals adjudge these people as "not knowing right from wrong."

The alleged killer of the good pastor is one Terry Joe Sedlacek, who has been sympathetically excused by some media as suffering from a mental illness derived from Lyme Tick Disease of all things. Now, the man was able to know his right shoe from his left when he placed them on his feet, he was able to rightly discern to turn his car ignition to the right in order to start it, he was able to turn his steering wheel the right direction when driving to the church, he was able to put the bullets in the gun in the correct way, and he was able to point the business end of the 45 caliber weapon toward the martyred pastor.

Are we supposed to believe the psychiatric and media hype that the killer did not know the right or wrong of murder? Already we are seeing it setup this way, and expert witnesses and defense lawyers may very well convince judges, who are so easily fooled when deferring to academics for judgment, and juries who don't know their head from a whole in the ground (or, in the head) to acquit the guy of murder on account of insanity.

Psychiatry, psychology, and sociology are in a sense competing with Christian pastors, such as the beloved, and missed, Fred Winters. Psychiatry will never reprove their patients of wrong behavior, and easily stand as character witnesses for the most guilty of criminals - defending them because of some harm suffered in childhood, or insanity, or the perpetrator was not "regular" in the bathroom the morning of the crime. Its good for business. Troubled people would much rather go to a loving professional shrink who will not even try to correct them, than a Baptist (not a lib pastor, usually) who will admonish the person and tell them they are on the wrong path, i.e. hell, death and/or destruction if they don't direct themselves to their Creator for help.

These are the same people who prognosticate that sexual offenders can never be changed, converted, or repentant. Psychiatry gushes and drools at the possibly of having perpetual patients - like EX sexual offenders.

Another Pastor shot and killed in cold blood was Fourth St. Church of Christ's Rev. Matthew Winkler, who was shot in the back of the head while lying on his bed - by his wife. The wife, Mary Winkler, fled the scened and admitted that they were fighting over money, but that the "Ugly must have come out of me." Last I checked, Mary was soon released from the loony bin and was given custody of her three kids [Note to kids: Only sleep with one eye open].

I was spellbound as I watched the sentencing judge read expert witness testimonies from the Shrinkologists testifying how Mary had been abused by being forced to "wear high heels and a wig," and other inflated, no-witness, psycho-diagnostic gobbledygook for over a half hour. There was no corroboration for the "expert" witness testimony, just speculative nonsense that the judge bought hook, line, sinker, thus catching a whale of a whopper. Mary went for diagnostic treatment for a short time and then was released to manage a laundromat. That's punishment, but clearly not enough.

Tennessee may have been thought of as a retiree's mecca, but I am convincing Ohioans that there may be more harm in the the formerly peaceful state than just Al Gore. Libs have invaded just about every state.

Another interesting case is taking place in the Kent State, Ohio area where a super feminist professor, Trudy Steurnagel, was unfortunately beaten and killed by her 21 year old autistic son named Skywalker. Even though I do not recommend avowed, staunch feminist professors to procreate, she did not deserve this sort of demise. Yet, there are already ruminations that the poor boy-man did not know right from wrong. His only defense may be that a super lib mother would never order her kid to "Thou Shalt Not Kill." She would lose university accreditation for such blasphemy. Prof Trudy did have a thing against "white, male, heterosexuals." Ya think Skywalker may have picked some of that up?