Friday, April 10, 2009

Where Did Somali Pirates Get (Pardon The Epression) So Much Chutzpa?

There is an expression in the inner city called "No Fear." From the Taliban, to Al Qaida, from Saddam Hussein, to the Somali Pirates, from the unpronounceable named guy from Iran, no fear of the U.S. has been the mantra. Why? America's enemies surely have not gotten their superior attitude merely from adhering to the anti U.S. philosophies of the Democrat Party, New York Times, Hollywood, Academia, Associated Press, or John (Leibowitz*) Stewart, alone.

The above traitors are also more likely the cause for the dark cloud over America that is casting its shadow on those crazed, fringe folks who are going on the serial shooting sprees. No fear.

With an American destroyer within site of of the pirate life boat which holds the prayered for Captain of the U.S. merchant ship, the Somali pirates are showing just a bit less respect for the American military than Mike Wallace or the NY Slimes. Nevertheless,these are proud and crazy people, furnished by a decrepit Somalia, who are even calling for Somalia to "send reinforcements. No fear, in deed.

Bill Clinton had no problem bombing Serbians on sunny Sundays as they exited their Orthodox churches, but he could not finish business in Somalia before the catastrophic, but heroic,Blackhawk Down episode by furnishing the necessary men and supplies to the super hot war zone. Kosovo was a safe haven for Jihadists. Similarly,had Somalia been subdued, it would not have attracted so many Islamic terrorists to rule the country and spit at emasculated International Rules and American shipmen.

And, there are plenty of International Rules to go around: The International Rule That Prohibits U.S. Troops To Fire On Suspect Insurgents; The International Rule That Prohibits Israel From Using Enough Force To Defeat Its Enemies; The International Rule That Gives GITMO More Creature Comforts To Jihadists Than American Prisoners; The International Rule Which Gives Jihadists The Rights Of American Citizens In Court; and, The International Rule Which Disallows Merchant Ship Crews To Carry Defensve Weapons. John Bolton was right about "not missing" the United Nations.

I don't hear those who hate the "world's policeman," like the American Left, the U.N.,the Euros, or NATO screaming about us policing Somali waters - while they don't show up in force for much of anything. They have denigrated the reputation of the United States so much, it is no wonder that four Somali Islamic entrepreneurs (the word pirate may be banned by now)can threaten the new Obamacratic kinder and gentler military.

*So labeled by the Great One, Mark Levin