Saturday, May 02, 2009

Souter's Supreme Court Replacement Must Be A Black, Lesbian, Pro Abort Woman, She Must Also . .

President Obama and Congressional Democrats, in order to please their constituency, must nominate a Supreme Court Justice who is female and who is African American, because Whites, Jews, Catholics, Protestants and Men, have been over represented among the Supremes for nearly 200 years. Gays, as far as we know, have been overlooked so the nominee will also have to be "out."

The nominee for Supreme Court Justice

Must be Black - To meet PC quota system

Must hate guns, and other "men's toys"

Must be a Woman, but not feminine

Must love abortion more than Kathleen Sebelius

Must hate men more than Kelly McGinnis

Must be gayer than Perez Hilton and Danny Kaye put together (don't want to think about that)

Must love international law more than the the Constitution and Ruth Ginsburg

Must be harder to look at than (Since I am a conservative gentleman, I decline to say as there are multitudes of liberal Dem women who, well you know. . .

Must have been past president of the ACLU

Must have been past president of National Organization of Women

Must have been born a man but later switched to something else

Must know the difference between sex and gender

Must have sued at least 10,000 people during law career

Must have halted 1,000,000 children, or more, from praying in school

Must consider this blog a hate crime

Must have served as Bishop in the Episcopal Church

Must have sent 10,000 innocent men to prison

Must have large portrait of Karl Marx in office

What else?