Tuesday, May 05, 2009

The Power Of Hate: How The Extremely Unqualified Democrats Arose To Absolute Power

The slobbering White House Press Corps queries President Obama as to what is "most enchanting" about the Presidency, and one female member speaks of her "thrill" of being in the presence of the Prez, while she and her cohorts stand to applaud the Chief Exec's entrance.

This adulation is quite different from their biased, hateful coverage of W. Bush. Bush only thought about enhancing the Social Security program, and was vilified. President Obama has been floating the idea of cutting SS benefits as well as curtailing elder care and geriatric medical treatment because "most medical expenditures occur within the last years of a person's life." IOW Where is AARP who wildly supported Obama? The movie No Country For Old Men will come to life in order to cut costs.Say "goodbye" to the 48% of grandmas and grandpas who voted for Obama, and thank them for voting against Bush. I just read a campaign headline from 2008 - "Indian Elderly Pin Hopes On Obama." I think KingOsobby is going to let them down a bit.

African Americans who, according to my survey of talk radio and and cable news, called President Bush everything but a mulatto (not that there's anything wrong with that) and voted over 95% for O. The Black vote composes 25% of the Dem electorate, and for voting against Bush they have been rewarded with even more civil service/government-contracted jobs, but poor blacks will not be treated so well - as proven by the Democrats reluctance to clamp down on the country's huge inner city crime problem, and by perpetuating the failing inner city public schools. PS Thousands of inner city children wanting to escape the foul and failing public school system have been denied enrollment in better schools such as Sidwell Friends School where Obama's daughters are attending at $30,000 per year per child, because the Dems have voted down such funding for poor blacks.

The Media certainly had the ultimate in Bush hatred, and they are being rewarded by going out of business. MSNBC, New York Times, Boston Globe etc. will not make it without some bailout help, it looks like. I feel sorry for those who have been losing their jobs in the media, but they have become enemies of the state, religion, conservatives, constitutionalists and everything else that is holy. And, did I mentioned that they really hated (and still do) Bush?

Congressman John Conyers, a chiefest of Bush haters, reigning in the very poor state of Michigan, has so much hate left over, that he will be conducting interrogations of our interrogators who helped Jihadists divulge top secrets, which he does not mind telling the world. Mr. Conyers has been seeking Reparations for descendents of slaves for about 20 years while the State of Michigan has become enslaved to him and his policies. Several trillion dollars will help his Slave Bailout Plan.

The Unions who have had extraordinary Bush-hate may be rewarded with Obama's lawlessness (he really has no respect for traditional or Constitutional or commercial laws and contracts) and be rewarded in auto bankruptcy court with an illegal amount of reward and ownership of one or more car companies.

They also have been rewarded with firings and layoffs. Ask them what is better, a job where they could make $20.00 an hour working at their job, or making $50.00 an hour, but no job, and they will take the no job choice. And,boy, did they hate President Bush.

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