Thursday, May 21, 2009

American Idol And Miss California - That's Heteros 2, Homos 0

Is American pop and political culture shifting toward a more traditional view of sex and gender? Don't ask me the difference between the two as only sociologists understand the mysterious jargon which they have invented.

California's infamous Proposition 8 which sought to legitimize gay marriage last year was soundly defeated, and was an extraordinary defeat for homosexuals because it was CALIFORNIA, the land of "fruits and nuts" as my Marine sergeant explained back in Camp Pendleton. He also advised staying out of Tijuana.

In Miss California vs. Perez Hilton et al. (et al. consists of every person in Hollywood and the MSM)the lovely Miss Prejean easily dispatched the equally unlovely Perez Hilton by just being nice, and honest, something which is quite disgusting to Hollywood and the MSM.

Kris Allen, Christian hetero, won against Adam Lambert, not a hetero, in American Idol's runoff. They are both superb singers, but I would think that Adam Lambert, self admitted nonhetero, hurt his performance by vamping it up a bit too much with the black leather, black angel's wings, black mascara, and black fingernail motif.

Nonhetero Adam even had the vocal support of the more gay-looking Simon Cowell who unbelievably asked viewers to "vote for Adam in the next week's finale."

As much as the media culture attempts to ramrod (excuse the pun) the gay culture down our throats, America is not ready for special rights, including Hate Crimes laws, to dominate everything we do and think. Sorry, Hollywood. Sorry, Mainstream Media. Sorry, Simon.

I just heard a school principal describe on a moderate radio talk show that, 'One of the worse things to call a classmate, and start a fight in school, is to call someone a Gaybo. I hate to admit my naivete, but I am not sure what Gaybo means.

I do know that out of 100 million votes cast last night, about 99 million votes* were cast by teens and tweens who are not big on gaybos.

I do not want to see homosexuals suffer any more than they do (although, it seems a lot of them are riding high socially and economically), but America clearly is not infautated with any group which distinguishes itself by its sexual practices.

Neither do Americans have a hankering for singers dressed in black leather, black fingernails, black mascara, and black angel wings mounted on their shoulders, especially if they are male.

*99 Million is a very bad guess on my part