Wednesday, May 20, 2009

All Bets Are On. Pick America's Super Power Replacement - Europe, Russia or China?

The end is near, and I do not say that as some Old Testament prophet, but as a practical observation. The libs are on track for destroying us, and its time to get out of town, but where to go to?
Financier Jimmy Rogers is having his daughters schooled in Mandarin and has been based in Singapore, China, because maybe, he has seen the light, or the darkness lurking over the United States.

Because of Russia's reliance on oil to boost its GDP, and the unavailability to fund kapitalism with cheap loans, the ex Soviets may have to become Soviet again.

All of Europe boasts a Gross Domestic Product of about 18 trillion dollars compared to the United State's highly leveraged 14 trillion bucks. Europe has a combined military force of 8,500,000 members but still has depended on the "too militarily muscular" George W. Bush to do the heavy work around the world.

China's GDP is a meager 4 trillion, but it's Yuan has "Purchasing Power" second only to the the United States and the European Union.<
Russia has about a half million scripted into its Army, China 3 million (According to statistics), but Russia easily outnukes China. China, however, is graduating 4 to 5 times the number of engineers as the U.S. and China can counterfeit everything the U.S. invents.

Its no secret that China and Russia have both made overtures to dump the dollar as the world currency. The commies have been scolding us for years for being such spendthrifts. While they are employing what we would call prison labor at bottom dollar prices, and using whatever energy they can find to fuel their 10% growth, we Americans are wallowing in the mire of an Obamacratic, Green, Union-fed, Entitlement malaise.

We have been #1 for a long time due to our military power, spirituality, freedom and industriousness, rugged individualism, and Yankee ingenuity motivated by our freedom. Dems love death and destruction, and abhor creativity as well as creationism. All of the Democratic strongholds from the Sierra Club to Planned Parenthood to Peta to the Green Movement to the ACLU are designed to either kill fun and/or kill people. They rather the U.S. focus more on depriving and killing its own citizens than warring against Jihadists.

I do not believe the Dems even know how they are damning the U.S. out of significance. Free love, free houses, free education and every other promise has been granted freely by the Dems so that we may become enslaved by academics, politicians, media people, and a public school trained electorate that cannot resist voting for all the free things the Dems offer. I believe Obama, according to some stats, has lied or flip-flopped on 400 of his campaign promises and pledges. Dems love lies. Dem voters, including Notre Shame administrators, still highly rate the King Of Acorn Obama, thinking that their plight will improve, IE. they will progress from not paying any fed taxes to getting even mo' money redistributed from the "rich."

The foxy unions will now be watching the auto chicken houses; Conyers is greening (not with money) California as well as the entire country; Obama wants baby killers to get along with non baby killers, cars must be made of paper mache to meed CAFE standards; new oil, gas, and nuclear must be replaced by windmills and solar panels; churches are approving gay marriages; American Public Schools are ranking with Mexico and Turkey; Obama is not very fond of America's missile defense, or the military; trillions of dollars printed without anything to back them except your descendants; 11 year old girls sexting pictures of their naked little bodies; adultery, divorce, unwed mothers, STDs rampant; free markets disappearing; freedom of speech impinged on campi and conservative talk radio; Universities - no diversity; productive people punished, non productive rewarded.

Who is succeeding the once great United States of America as THE superpower? Without the intervention of the Hand of the Almighty, I pick Europe which most aligns with my understanding of the Resurrection of the Roman Empire - including its 8.5 million man armed forces.