Wednesday, June 03, 2009

'Doctor' Tiller Update: The State Controlled Media Never Weeps For Soldiers, Or Babies

President Obama announced that he was shocked after hearing about the killing of "Doctor" Tiller, the Baby Non-Deliverer (trying to be sensitive here, so as not to make the State Run Media weep even more over his untimely and unfortunate death).

However, there seems to have been no known outrage expressed by the President over the killing and wounding of two soldiers outside an Army recruiters office by a home grown,self-proclaimed, amateur, African-American-Jihadist, who proclaimed that he was "mad at America for what we were doing to Islam." Why didn't Obama simply apologize to the young man and just make everything alright like he so majically does with everyone OUTSIDE of America?

Yes, Mr. President, please visit all American prisons and express to the multitudes of African American-to- Islam converts that we are, indeed, bad people (except you and Michelle) but will make it up to American Jihadists through some sort of reparations program like 40 acres and a goat, or something.

Bingo, State Controlled Media, you have suceeded with your hate America, hate Bush tactics that got you - your president, who is at this time befriending all of our mortal enemies (they have chosen that, not us), hoping that they will not hate us ever again, so presumably young black men in the United States will not be tempted to justify killing again in the name of Allah.

Or is that what the SCM intended?