Tuesday, July 14, 2009

That Hate Bush, Hate Cheney, Hate Palin Stuff Is Not Working For The Dems & Attack On CIA

Prez Obama's approval rating index (subtracting negative approval from positive) is at an all time low of -8 percent - a faster drop than even the Most Hated President Of All Time ie., W. Bush. The ever unpopular Congress, chock full of Dems, is hovering at 17% approval rating, and sinking.

The Dems, wondering how to stop wallowing in the mire of Obama Health Care, Obama Cap and Tax, Obama Cars (featuring the all new Chrysler FIAT (Fix It Again Tony) models and other little green go karts)have come up with the not so brilliant idea of attacking the "crazy" plot, merely considered by Cheney/CIA, to blow the heads off our natural born enemies, namely Al Qaeda chieftains, such as Osama Bin Laden.

Leading the attack on the former administration's consideration of such an undercover mission has been the very huffy Senator Dianne Feinstein who represents the poverty stricken state of California. It looks more like Senator Frankenfeinstein (thanks to Mark Levin) is covering for Rep. Nancy Pelosi, another representative of the poverty stricken state of California, who earlier had sort of unconvincingly attested that she was never informed by the CIA of the use of waterboarding, to again, combat enemy combatants, which may, according to lib lawyers, be illegal. In fact, just calling them enemy combatants may be illegal.

The Democrats, who were so successful in drumming up Hate Bush since the 2000 election, yet were unsuccessful in losing a war, are experiencing a bit of retaliation from, especially, Independent voters, who for some unknown and ungodly reasons voted for Dems in 2006 and for Obama in 2008. Why would someone who labels himself as an Independent vote for an Obama who only promised the electorate that they would have to DEPEND more on their government when they vote for Hope and Change? Hate Bush, that's all.

Why is it that the News People are the last to get the news that the Dems are being waterboarded by the American people who have a bad case of Obama buyer's remorse? The New York Times, as usual, has become the chief attack dog which sparked Sen. Feninstein to investigate the investigations of the CIA. The NY Times which has All The News Fit To Spit At must be hoping that this big, breaking story will fetch enough readers/advertisers to pay off that Mexican billionaire who loaned the Times 250 million dollars at 14% interest - to stay alive. Everyone knows the Times has been dead for years. Same for Olbemann and Matthews who work for Obama's personal business plaything - the General Electric Company.

Since we know that the Dems will not be able to revive their Hate Bush/Cheney stategy, they have pulled Sarah Palin's errant, would be son-in-law Levi Johnston out of their dugout to attest that "Sarah Palin duh,uh quit uh, duh in order to duh, duh cash in on her uh, fame." The State Controlled Media in conjunction with People Controlling Democrat Party have also launched poor Levi onto the Rubber Chicken Circuit where he has already appeared on the Tyra Banks show where he discussed the topic of Safe Sex.

After Olbermann and Matthews are finished with their perpetually boooooring coverage of CIA/Bush/Cheney, look for them to do a month long special featuring Levi Johnston.

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