Wednesday, July 08, 2009

"This Is A Black World" 50 Black Teens Shout Then Attack White Family In Street

All Wrought From White Liberal Pride - Not Guilt

According to our Akron Beacon Journal, "Dozens of black youths" shouted, "This is a black world," and, "This is our world," as they beat up a white construction worker, his family and friends as they were viewing a June 27 fireworks display. Police officials are, " not ready to call it a hate crime," and "is not classifying it as a racial hate crime." Fortunately, the family and friends are OK and are considering acquiring personal defense weapons to protect themselves in this once beautiful area in Akron, Ohio, named after one of the founders of Akron's worldwide rubber industry, called Firestone Park.

Even as Obama's Attorney General Eric Holder is testifying before congress that white males and Christians will not be protected by Hate Crimes law now making its way through Capitol Hill, every large, Democratic run American city is being overrun by inner city criminals who have been taught for, at least, thirty years, that they are not capable of being prejudiced, hateful, bigoted or discriminatory toward the powers that be, IE., the white man, because of past injustices suffered, especially slavery in the 18th and 19th centuries.

Black children of angry black people are 16 times more likely to commit crimes against whites than whites against blacks. Even the Fed Gov recognizes that of nearly 6,000 hate crimes reported annually in the U.S. (based on very ambiguous data) over 1,000 of these are black on white hate crimes, of which I have never heard ending in the conviction of a black person.

President Obama, while he was an Acorn man "organizing" the very groups that commit these crimes, in order to shake down Uncle Sugar (formerly Uncle Sam) for federal funding in Chicago, saw his local Chicago crime rate soar, especially homicides.

White liberal pride (not guilt) has promoted many such people as Obama and Sotomayor into positions which they are not only not qualified for, these promotions signal the rest of the minority community that, they indeed, should be rewarded for Civil War and Jim Crowe transgressions from over a hundred years ago. Employing unqualified women and minorities vastly effects the performance of public sector services - in the military, academia, city, county, state, and fed positions, as well as the private sector businesses which are contracted with the government. I'm talking the wasting of trillions of dollars of our Gross National Product misspent because of social engineering programs which support inefficiency and failure - the modus operandi of Democrats.

White liberals justify their righteousness by showing off their magnificent charitability through the promotion of minorities, qualified or not. It makes them feel more holier than thou. Academic institutions, and governmental organizations are required to hire and promote less qualified people - as they pledge their soul to the Democrat Party which encourages the entire mess.

Black street crime is on the rise because big city Democrat authorities will not crack down on their constituency. People are leaving these big cities in droves, yet the Democrats will not adequately address the soaring crime rates, as it would harm their political aspirations. Ever hear of the Democrats being labeled as a party of "law and order?" You never will.

The Dems have elevated many African Americans, and women, into middle class teaching, government, and government-contract jobs, regardless of qualifications, but have neglected to address the high rates of unwed motherhood, juvenile criminality, lack of school attendance, and the general poverty of an entire generation who has been taught that it is OK and profitable to hate whitey.

Just ask Jesse and Al.