Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Are Blacks Taking More Liberties Since President Obama Has Been 'Gettin It On With His Bad Self?'

Since the Race Card has again been thrust upon us via Joe Wilson's yelling "Liar" at the President, and then, consequently, being accused of a being one of those Southern Bible Belt Racists, I thought it might be time to look at some real racism running rampant throughout the United States.

Maureen Dowd and other desperate liberal pundits have been waiting to pounce on us bigots at the Tea Parties, Town Halls, conservative radio stations, and in good ole American families but nothing has stuck. Thank be to God for Joe Wilson who has opened the door to expose those nasty prejudicial people who only dislike President Obama for his race and absolutely not his politics.

Its like our inner sanctum of conservative secrecy has been discovered, and here we are, naked and ashamed because one of our "brothers," Joe Wilson, blew our cover and revealed that we are nothing but kloseted KKK members.

In actuality, the desperation of the Left is convincing so many Independents as well as Democrats (those who pay taxes and enjoy freedom, and who are not members of Acorn), that their leftist elite leadership is absolutely bonkers. Thank you, Maureen Dowd.

If you want to see real racism where the rubber meets the road, look again at a story from Akron, Ohio (formerly Rubber Capital of the world) where 50 black kids beat on a white family, while yelling "This Is A Black World."
Warning: You may be called a racist for resenting what these teens did.
Authorities are considering that it just may be a hate crime.

More racism that was not motivated by Joe Wilson was noticed in Cleveland where 20 black youths beat up a lone white boy (isn't that the way it always is?) at a Catholic Italian church festival seen here.
Authorities are considering that it just may be a hate crime.

Just this past week, 2 black school students mercilessly pound on a white kid on a school bus while other riders watch and have a good hoot. Video here.
I wonder if Maureen Dowd is going to write about this obviously racist incident.
Authorities are considering that it just may be a hate crime.

Time nor space permits exampling so many rash incidents which are examples of certain African Americans feeling a bit too uppity (sorry for choice of words) about the election of Their Man who has become The Man - Barack Obama.
No one can whip up people like BHO as he calls out to a crowd in Minnesota, "Are You Fired Up?" . . . "Are You Fired Up?" . . . "Are You Fired Up?" . . . "They Can't Stop Us!". . .

I think I first noticed these special privileges being perceived by blacks when the famous Peggy Johnson proclaimed to the world on camera at an Obama campaign stop that Obama was going to "Pay my mortgage and my gas."

Talk about chutzpah, how about those Acorn nuts, and the Philadelphia New Black Panthers with billy clubs "protecting" voters?

Just to confirm my I have black friends bona fides, or street creds, I do have black friends, brothers at church, I supported Alan Keyes, Ken Blackwell, Jesse Lee Peterson, etc. I even, once upon, a time taught Sunday school and attended many revivals at black churches (not the Jeremiah Wright kind). The one African American church I taught at sort of evolved into more of a Black Power than Christ Power church, so I, in response, sort of left.

I like black gospel singing, and sing it myself. I always like the fiery hot-collar preaching of legitimate black ministers. That does not include President Obama's sermons which do not inspire people to do anything but "Get It On With Your Bad Self." And I do mean bad. And I do mean Maureen Dowd bad.