Monday, September 14, 2009

9/12 D.C. March Super Success - Back To Washington D.C. 11/4, The Day BHO Invaded America?

As President Obama was leaving town on September 12 to campaign for Obamacare in Frankensteinia, the capital of Minnesota, and home of Al Franken; hundreds, then thousands, then millions of patriots entered the District of Columbia almost invisible to the state controlled media, which hardly noticed those ordinary, non-racist Americans who were not marching on D.C., because Obama is a black man, or even half a black man. That's the message you will hear from the Olbermann,Maddow,Matthews,Pelosi and Tavis Smiley crowd.

As someone suggested, " I can't help to wonder if the Prez was eyeing the mass of humanity trucking into D.C., perched from that half-billion dollar tax-paid helicopter, as he was leaving."

Who cares if the MSM could not cover or count the number at an event which made the Million Man March look like Janeane Garofola fan club meeting, ie., very sparse?

Rose, of Quinn and Rose radio fame was there and notes on her website how inaccurately the press reported the event. She also posted some great pics.

I could not attend, but I may be game for a return match - another gathering in Washington, D.C. - November 4, 2009 or 114 - The Day BHO Invaded America (Presidential Election Day, 2008). The date 9/12 was intentionally juxtaposed after the commemoration of one of the darkest days in history, 9/11, which was also ignored by the MSM.

Although, 114 - The Day BHO Invaded America falls on a Wednesday, maybe its time for people who do not work for the government, or Acorn, or SIEU to take some time off in the middle of a work week to express our continued nonsupport for, not just the Democrats, but for all those who would tread on our liberties.

While Americans were converging on D.C 9/12, President Obama was hot-collar preaching to some union folks in Minnesota, leading them in some sort of cultic chant: " Are You Fired Up?" "Yes, We're All Fired Up." Obama, according to my count in his speech/preaching, called out "Fired Up," about twenty times.

I think we are starting to put out that fire, however, since "there is no rest for the wicked," anyone up for bringing your buckets to put out those "fires" 114 - The Day BHO Invaded America?