Sunday, October 04, 2009

The United States Is Only A Superpower Because It Is A Superpower - Militarily

Many of my Ron Paul "Paul Bearer" friends have a right to be disgusted with the Republican Party, ie. especially the Lindsay Graham and John McCain left wing of the party, and they, of course, want to not only End The Fed, according to Paul's book, but would also like to see the U.S. end its "unconstitutional" nose-poking into other country's affairs. Get out of Afghanistan and Iraq before they are secure, stop funding Afghanistan, cut off Israel and some Arab states from foreign aid, then all will be well under God's heaven, and we would only take care of ourselves.

This would more quickly end our lone superpower status which accelerated after winning WW II and even more after so beating the Soviet Union (thanks to God, and Magnus Reagan with a little help from his friends, including the Pope). Because we have been victorious militarily (and CIA covert actions) around the world our hegemony has been unrivaled, despite the liberal Democrats' hard charging to lose wars from Korea, through Vietnam and Latin America, to the Iraq/Afghanistan wars.

The American dollar has only been the dominating denomination of currency in the world for the past 100 years because of the U.S.'s military might and because of the United States resolve to maintain some semblance of world order - when no one else would dare. We have not been the "world's policeman" because we have not been involved in even 5% of the world's conflicts, uprisings, and turmoil (the vast majority, lately, perpetrated by the Islamic world, and not because we have been so cruel to them at Gitmo). They just want to cause trouble, and unfortunately, it has only been the United States which has had enough integrity to slap them down.

President Obama should not be described as "Walking Softly, Carrying A Big Stick," since it would illegitimately liken him to Teddy Roosevelt who was an experienced trooper, and who actually carried big sticks (and rifles), therefore, giving him the military experience and gravitas to effect a little godly fear in the hearts of America haters, at home and abroad. Obama's rough riding was mainly riling up Acorn types in Chicago so as to shake down the government for mo' money and free houses.

Isolationism is not Constitutional as the Constitution allows for the "common defense" of the United States and its possessions. Why should we not care if American people or companies are harassed or hampered by foreign powers when they have legitimate business overseas? The same if they are only a potential nuclear threat, or murdering en masse their own countrymen. The Monroe Doctrine was not merely some esoteric, philosophical dream concocted so than the U.S. could become that "dreaded imperialist empire" as Pat Buchannan and Ron Paul have eluded to. I do admit that wrong-headed governors, such as those in the Obama administration, could misuse America's interventionist policies, and try to take over the world after attempting to take over the citizens of the United States, but for the most part, American Presidents have been very judicious (if not always perfect) in their "correcting/intervening " in other nations political matters.

You don't hear any complaints about the CIA aiding Greece immediately after WW II which could easily have become another Soviet Satellite, do you?

There are many examples, but the point I am attempting to drive home is that the American Dollar is now the world's fiat currency, because of our strategic and economic strength. If we throw our foreign involvements,investments, and military aid to the wind, we lose the Superpower status, only to be replaced by European/Chinese/Russian contenders.

The Democrats have so hurt our economy, energy sources, and social establishment that we are going down fast. Europe's Gross National Product has surpassed us for the first time in recent history, and that is astounding, considering that they have all those multi-cultured, multi-tongued people forming more of a "perfect union" than the "United" States.

George Washington warned against "foreign entanglements," but even he recognized that there must be some foreign entangling in order to put down the Islamic terrorists of his day - the Barbary Pirates (It was actually Jefferson who drew the sword on them).