Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Will Sodomites/LGBT Community Let Us Heteros "Live And Let Live?" No

Akron, Ohio is overjoyed that it will be co-hosting the Gay Games in 2014 with Cleveland. One Akron Convention Bureau official responded, "We are over the moon, with this news." Surely she jests. Akron, in the midst of its worse economic crisis, is promising to roll out lots of cash along with the lavender rainbow carpet to host a sporting event that touts sodomy.

Chicago, which is equally broke, after hosting the Gay Games in 2006, headlined that the Games were a "Huge Financial Success." But Where's The Money? President Obama has sidelined his whirlwind health care tour to barnstorm and beg the International Olympic Committee to allow Chicago to host the 2016 Hetero Olympics. By then, the Federal Government and Illinois will be even more broke, if that's possible.

"Live, and let live," and "Let consenting adults do what they want to in the privacy of their homes." That would be OK, but the GLBT community does not simply want to do "their thing" in private, they want to, eventually, have sex on your lawn in front of your kids. They are wanting to ramrod their anti-marriage,anti-family, anti-moral ideology down the throats of already doomed Americans. Economically, Socially, Politically we are the Decline of the Roman Empire unless God hosts a Supernatural Tea Party. Do not pardon the puns.

One of many examples is Obama's new Safe School Czar, Kevin Jennings, founder of Gay Lesbian Straight Education Network which has worked in cahoots for years with the teachers of the National Education Association to find any way possible to infiltrate schools and indoctrinate children in the public schools so that they may "consider the legitimacy of their own sexuality," and accept sodomy as a righteous alternative. Safe School Czar, indeed. No one is advocating that gays should be picked on in school, but neither should kids be expelled for calling others "gay," which I understand is the worse epithet that can be hurled at a classmate. Let's not bully gays, but lets not kiss their . . . . either. OK?

Safe School Czar, Kevin Jennings, is also in trouble to referring to the Religious Right as the "F-Word," and while he was a public school teacher, Mr. Jennings was told by a young student that he (the student) was having an affair with an older man. Kevin did not report the abuse, but rather, advised the boy to "use condoms."

BTW October is National Coming Out Day as well as LGBT History Month. Look for scheduled celebratory events in your local schools.

Sodomites are constantly battling society along with public schools so that they may prove how normal they are (except for the sexual practices part), and that it would be no great sin if your kid, mom, day, friend or uncle decides one day to suddenly turn gay.

Obama's education friends, like Bill Ayers have been pumping out more pro-gay text books for grade schoolers than could be bought in Bob's Bathhouse. We literally had to fight the public schools' inclusion of the likes of Heather Has Two Mommies,One Dad, Two Dads, Brown Dad, Blue Dads (textbook available at, reduced price from $100.00 to $30),Emma and Meesha My Boy: A Two Mom Story ,The Family Book,The Different Dragon,Who's in a Family?, King and King (guess what that's about),and the latest rave, And Tango Makes Three, about two male penguins raising a young one in New York's Central Park, of course. Mothers and public school teachers (mainly women) love these books for the little ones. How cute!

Anyone interested in researching these books and how moms and teachers (mainly women) glowingly review them, just plug in titles into

In trying to be balanced I would like to advertise the Gay Days At Anaheim will be beginning October 2 In Disneyland, Anaheim California. If you two mom or two dad families decide to take your kids, remember, there may be some promiscuous dress and behavior on display. Oh, I think you knew that.