Sunday, October 11, 2009

Socialist American Indians Dissed Capitalist Christopher Columbus

In fourteen hundred ninety-two. Columbus sailed the ocean blue.

The native American Indian tribes in Christopher Columbus's time were probably less socialist than they are today - dominated by so many Indian Affairs bureaus, state programs, and other governmental agencies which help (overregulate) every aspect of Indian life, so much so that their culture is not so much now perceived as brave, self sufficient warriors as much as politically correct dependents on Big Gov, who have been blessed with gambling enterprises, and who object to the franchising of Indian logos adopted by sports teams, especially those evil Cleveland Indians and their "grotesque" Chief Wahoo. They have become more affirmative action whiners than braves, again thanks to their Federal lord protectors, and PC advocates.

Columbus was financed by sinister white Europeans (now referred to as DWM - Dead White Males in universities) who were greedy for what the Bible calls filthy lucre, as well as adventure. Catholic King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella of Spain, having just been relieved of 700 years of Islamic terrorism, sent the Italian Columbus on his quest to India, but he got sidetracked . . .

The native Americans who Christopher encountered were not as innocent as modern historians profess in our modern non-diverse, self-loathing, prideful, white liberal universities throughout the fruited plain. Indians had only known warfare among their many tribes, and the only way to gain entitlement to land was by the forceful use of the tomahawk and bow. Columbus had only taken some entitlement to American lands and resources via the traditional Indian way, even if it was for Gold and God.

One of Columbus's first encounters was with the heathen Carib Indian tribes which were quite the cannibals, as described by Columbus and his men when they ventured into Carib territory where the "stench" of disemboweled bodies disgusted them so much that the Columbians either killed or enslaved them for their own heathenish good. Wherever you see advanced socialism, you will see death and death panels of one sort or another.

Another tribe, the Ararak, were very thankful to Columbus for delivering them from their Indian brethren who frequently raided them, took their wives, and ate their men. [I actually researched an ancient Indian recipe which described how the flesh eating Indians concocted a chili pepper basting sauce suitable for human consumption - and by consumption, I need not be more descriptive].Strangely enough, the North American Indians did not kill their unborn babies, like modern socialists like to do. The Mayan, Incas and Aztecs did, however kill postpartum babes by the hundreds of thousands.

Evil white Europeans were so horrified at the violence of the Injuns that they called them heathen (those who live in the woods) and savages (those who live in the woods). Those bad Europeans, calling people who lived in the woods, wood-livers.

Its not that the Columbians did not like the Indians, in fact, they liked some of them, especially the women, a bit too much. The Indians, having sort of a 60's hippie, free love, liberal cultural outlook, did not observe the sanctity of marriage, as we also do not today in the West, so they "shared" the squaws with whomever and whenever. Despite what some junk science historians and anthropologists attest, the Columbus crew carried newly acquired syphilitic infection's back to Europe where a pandemic engulfed the continent for many years to come. Unfortunately, evil white men had not created antibiotics, yet.

I am sorry to admit that the Columbians, indeed, thought they were viewing a pagan group of people who more resembled animals than humans - because of their behavior. This is the same way I view those who torture preborn fetuses, and those who kill one another in the inner cities, and those who take advantage of investors, like Madoff, and those who are sexual deviants, and those who commit adultery, and those . . . and they are not all liberal.

See Mel Gibson's Apocalypto

The Indians did not have enough capitalist-inspired technology, like advanced weaponry, to repel the White Anglo Saxon Catholics, and later the Protestants.
They also would never have had refrigeration - without European ingenuity.
Would they trade, today, their dismal existence on Indian Reservations, for the freedom and ability to again be "heathen," or those who live in the woods?

Native Americans also did not have title to property where they could individually own capital separate from the Indian Nation which governed them. Private property was to become the foundation for American independence and has endured a long history of success until recently when socialism has crept in (with all of its heathenism and savagery) to usurp the private property power of an individual with even more government regulation,taxes, and oversight into every vestige of our lives.

Who will be the next Columbians to invade our heathen land and plunder our lands, women, children, guns, lands, and money? I am thinking they will be even less Christian than Columbus.