Sunday, November 08, 2009

Over 40 Dead And Wounded Soldiers At Fort Hood. Can We Start Calling Them Terrorists Again?

"Obama's team has outlawed the word terrorism and replaced it with "man made catastrophe"" August 2009.

I hate to paint an entire religion with a five inch wide paint brush, but may I use a 2 1/2" brush to say that there are a whole lot of Moslems, both domestic and abroad who don't like our country, or especially one of our favorite religions, ie., Christianity?

New York, May 23,2007 (ANI): One in four young American Muslims believe suicide bombings against innocent civilians is fine if Islam has to be defended.

Another poll has shown that: "Only 35% of American Muslims stated that the decision for military action in Afghanistan was the right one and just 12% supported the use of military force in Iraq."

So, what we have is as many anti-American military moslems as we do self-loathing, proud, white liberals opposing, not just our current military actions, but America itself. American Muslims have developed, very much like African Americans, their own culture within a culture as cultivated by liberal diversity, so as to make null the idea of one nation under God - or even under the Constitution.

The way the media has sobbed over the Psycho Shrink Killer, Moslem Major Hasan, one can only conclude that there is some sort of supernatural evil directing such irrational behavior and empathy for natural born killers. And, by natural born killers, I am referring to those who have such a penchant for slaughter and bloodshed from their very beginnings in the 7Th Century when a certain ethnic group headed by Mohammad "struck the neck" of 700 Jews in Medina. It is remarkable that one religion believes in the one Sacrifice of one Man offered by God to atone for the sins of men, while another believes in the sacrificial decapitation of infidels in order to please the Almighty.

We don't really have a chance (maybe a prayer) against Moslems aligned with the Communist liberal media, which historically has been the cause of much bloodshed against "infidels," or those who believe in the God of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and Jesus. Case in point is the to be released TV movie 2012 in which world landmarks are destroyed during a game of global demolition derby. The movie's maker, gay activist Roland Emmerich, has remarked that he was afraid of having an Islamic Fatwa on his head, so he decided only to destroy Christian churches and landmarks.

Liberal churches are joined at the unholy hip with the above alliance, and have become more anti-Christian than the Moslem/Progressive parties combined. See how liberal churches are not only wanting to rid government of any Godly influence, they are actively petitioning the FCC to "kill conservative talk radio" - Michelle Malkin. If ever there was a time for The Antichrist to make an appearance, I would think now is the opportune time when so many around the globe (and, I'm talking to you Nobel Prize Committee) have been deceived - out of their gourds, from Global Warmulists to America's own Kill The Ekonomy Kommunists.

Islam is permitted to have state funded Moslem public schools; they are generally given greater media preference over Christianity in Hollywood, they are given special foot-washing facilities in fire stations; they are super protected and revered by lily-livered European countries, one of which has even banned Michael Savage for "defaming Islam," (speaking the truth); and Moslems who are caught killing our soldiers on the battlefield must be given special prison facilities, and rights, and lawyers that few American citizens can afford.

The state controlled media has all but overlooked those brave soldiers who volunteered to join the military because of patriotism and/or the need for a job in this Obamaconomy, instead focusing on that 'poor, harassed,' Post Traumatic Stressed Islamic zealot, who should not have even been in the military, or, at least, should have been screened out (discharged) once he was found out to be an argumentative jihadist residing with, and counseling, soldiers who he loved to share his faith with - all the while he was giving them psychiatric consultations!

Oh no, you dare not question to offend an Islamic man who was an in-your-face Moslem, or you could be court martialed. I think that's the way it works in the new and unimproved Politically Correct military, where your enemies should be blessed so much, so that they are encouraged do you evil. Isn't that one of the libs favorite distortions of the Golden Rule? BTW Why was America-despiser Noam Chomsky requested to speak at the Military Academy at West Point?

Hey, Pentagon and Department of Defense, how about refraining from social engineering our United States Armed Forces, so as to take them from being the #1 fighting force in the world to the most demoralized military in the world? BTW, take a lesson from the Catholic Church which allowed nuns and psychiatrists in the 1940's to herd homosexuals into the priesthood. Great book by Catholic author Michael Rose Goodbye, Good Men on the subject.

I am not thinking too much about the terrorist Major Hasan who shot in hot blood our honorable military men and women at Fort Hood. I am not thinking about the totally corrupt and reprobate media which is wanting to sympathize with Major Hasan's Post Traumatic Stress (before he even went to war?), and I am not wanting to think about Major Hasan's family who has called him a "good American." I am also not thinking very much about Hasan's shouting "Allah Is Great," as he went through several clips of 5.7 mm bullets, firing maybe 100 rounds into defenseless defenders of our country, nor am I thinking that Hasan hated to go to Iraq (although he was a trained soldier. WTH? (What The Heck?). I refuse to think what an Obama supporter Hasan was, and I cannot even contemplate his working in Homeland Security (again, WTH?).

As a young Marine, 40 years ago, I nervously awaited transport to Vietnam from a similar processing center as the equally nervous Fort Hood soldiers did this past week during the worse attack on a military post in history.

I hope the Commander In Chief will dedicate a special memorial to these Americans who died at Fort Hood, even as the Lord prepares a special place for Major Hasan.

The only thing that has interrupted our national mourning for the troops was Nancy Pelosi's health bill. It couldn't have been planned that way, could it?

I am thinking about so many other potential renegade jihadists abiding in our United States who have been provoked to hate this land they have migrated to, not only by their religion, but by especially, that rabidly destructive American liberal element wanting to advance every Democrat evil under the sun.