Sunday, November 15, 2009

MSNBC's Keith Olbermann And Rachel Maddow Very Upset That Gov Will Not Fund Abortions

Rachel Maddow accusing pro life Democrats of not being "man enough." [And I am sure she would know what being "man enough" is]:
"They're not really man enough to make the argument that it ought to just be gone. They'd rather just chip away from it from women they think won't fight back or can't fight back because they don't have the resources. It's cowardly, but it's the way they've been doing it for a generation." See more highlights of Maddow's and Olbermann's kissy-faced (imagine that) pro death interview below.

After that fantastic story of Planned Parenthood director , Abby Johnson, resigning recently, as well as the story of one brave Democrat, Congressman Stupak denying fellow Dems government funded abortion, there just had to be several flies in the ointment, one of which was an interview between MSNBC's (its a cable program, I am told by the few people who watch it) Keith Olbermann and Rachel Maddow. Interview on Newsbusters.

On the Stupak anti-abort health care ammendment: Rachel Maddow explains to Keith Olbermann: "why it is not merely a continuation of the current rule that won't allow the government to fund abortions but a "draconian," and "dishonest" development. She also reveals how the amendment came about in the first place, with the possible help of the Catholic church."

Maddow goes on, accusing Stupak of "picking on defenseless women" and, "I'm sure he's delighted to be able to try to restrict abortion rights purely by going after women who he thinks won't fight back, by targeting women who are not well off enough to be able to pay for abortion services without insurance coverage for them."