Monday, December 28, 2009

Dutch Fears Of Islam May Have Allowed Moslem Plane Bomber On Flight 253

"HOLLAND GOVERNED BY FEAR" states the U.K. Telegraph headline in 2008, quoting Geert Wilders, leader of the Dutch Freedom Party. Holland's government was asking Geert to leave the country because he produced a ten minute film criticising Islam. Very much like American filmakers who hardly can protray Islam as anything but holy and to be honored, eg., the movie 2012.

In fact, the entirety of Western civilization is now treading oh so softly around Islamic fascists so as not to incite them to hate us (Yeah, that will work). You know, like Gitmo - the place that must be shut down because it is used as a recruiting tool (don't you know, according to the NY Times and Chris Matthews) by Jihadists to convince young Jihadees to self implode themselves in schoolyards . . . and airplanes, as if they needed Gitmo as an excuse to perform their dastardly deeds.

Self-loathing Europeans are always the first to ask, like their counterparts - liberal Americans - "what have we done wrong to the Muslims?"and, then they proceed to whip themselves after Islamic fascists bomb them.

Amsterdam, where the Flight 253 leg-bomber was preparing his binary explosive, has been very tense as of late since an Islamic assassin shot Theo Van Gogh 8 times for producing an anti Islam film. Denmark also has had to calm down and kowtow to Islam since its most recent terrorist attack on the Moslems, ie., allowing a Danish cartoonist to portray Mohammad wearing a bomb in his turban, thus, causing riots all over the world. Don't want to step on toes, you know.

Remember the six "Flying Imams" on Flight 300 in 2006 who created a ruckus on the plane, while asking for seat-belt extenders, refusing to be seated, conglomerating around the toilet, and speaking boisterously about Osama Bin Laden and "evil" Americans? After they were escorted off of the plane for their very frightening behavior, they promptly sued the Airlines with the help of CAIR and were promptly rewarded with an undisclosed $ettlement (I'm guessing several mil). Better not step on any toes, or sandals. No thanks to the American lady judge who allowed this lawsuit to proceed in the first place.

Here is an interesting little item from a Dutch newspaper illustrating how security-friendly Holland was planning to be toward airport passengers, circa 2007:

Security Scan Will Be Client-Friendly

"From today, passengers will find a Security Scan at Pier H and another one near the Pier E gate. In the months to come, a total of 17 Security Scans will be installed in the Terminal. Subsequently it will be decided whether the Security Scan should be introduced for security control procedures on a larger scale. For the time being, passengers will have a choice between using the Security Scan or going through regular security procedures.

Faster and more client-friendly
Passengers will probably experience the Security Scan as a more client-friendly procedure, as it reduces the need for hand searches. The Security Scan is also expected to speed up the overall passenger screening process. "

We should, at least, give one shout-out to the brave Dutchman who wrassled the would be leg bomber before it detonated on the Detroit bound Northwest Flight 253:

"Jasper Schuringa was seated on the right of the Northwest Airlines Airbus 330, a few rows behind Abdulmutallab, who was in a window seat on the left. He said he "reacted on a bang," and when smoke and flames started billowing from the suspect's lap, he clamored over fellow passengers and tackled him."When you hear a pop on a plane, you're awake, trust me. So I just jumped, I didn't think, and I just went, went over there and tried to save the plane, I guess."

The Dutchman, who U.S. media reported was a video director and producer, said "absolutely nothing" about Abdulmutallab suggested he would try anything sinister.
"He looked like a normal guy," he said. "It was just hard to believe that he was actually going to, trying to blow up this plane."