Sunday, December 06, 2009

Early Christmas Gift - Global Warming Meltdown At Dupenhagen

Al Gore should feel very much at home in Copenhagen where the Danish Prostitute Union has offered free "services" to those internationals wanting to stomp out the faux heating of the globe. If only Vice President Gore's services had not cost humanity upward to a billion dollars - quite the opposite of what the Danish whores are doing for free.

All for the possible change of one degree Centigrade, President Obama, who was not going to attend, but maybe now is, unless he changes his mind again if he was smart, are the New World Order types going to show their appreciation to the gullible U.S. self-loathers by ordering us to halt our economic machine for their obvious gross self interests.

Europe, even with a myriad of languages and cultures will soon be surpassing the U.S. economy, and already has a greater Gross Domestic Product going for it. As Europe grovelled before candidate, then President, Obama, as he grovelled before them, little did he know that his ingratiation was fueling their idea that "there's a new patsy in town," and as the Europeans were smiling and shaking the President's hand, they were thinking, not unlike the NY Times and Keith Olbermann, that they could pull the plug on the U.S.'s super power status and sort of even things out by forcing us to give up our global warming, badman status.

Not since Communist Russia's sausage-science agricultural expert and friend of Joe Stalin, Lysenko, has the world been so harmed by the global warming junk science which has pulled over 100 billion dollars out of world economies, while enriching Green King capitalists, socialists, and research driven academics with what is clearly proved to be bald-faced lying statistics proving man-caused catastrophic global warming.

Megabytes and megabytes of internal climategate trickery is being released. Five Australian Ministers of Parliament have resigned in disgust at that country's global baloney policies. India has told the U.N.'s International Panel on Climate Change that it is full of bunk for untruthfully dictating that the Indian Himalayan glaciers are retreating, when in fact they are not. Indian has, thus, resigned from the Copenhagen summit. China is also not interested in Dopenhagen, and is telling the U.S. that, "We all going to eat youl runch." Translated, "We are going to eat your lunch."

China will continue to boom while building a new coal fired electric generator every two weeks. Meanwhile, back at the U.S. ranch, we will continue, with Barbara Boxer's impetus, cutting down on our energy use by inhibiting the use and exploration of oil, gas, nuclear, and, of course, that worst of bogeymen - coal. In Ohio, one electric energy company, which prides itself with its greenness, has just announced that it is spending over 200 million dollars to use wood pellets in lieu of coal, which costs one-tenth the amount of wood pellets.

As Bob Brinker has said, even if we double our national wind and solar energy use in the next ten years, that would only bring wind and solar's total use to an grand total of two percent of our total energy needs.

On the thirteenth day before Christmas, December 12, Al Gore was scheduled to deliver a speech "Climate Conclusion," to about 3000 Danes at $1200 a pop. Al did not need the money or the embarrassment, so he thankfully has opted out of the event.

I believe the whole deal was prearranged, where the Scandinavians offered the Nobel Prize For Nothing with a wink and a nod, in exchange for President Obama's Giveaway America Plan in Copenhagen. And, to make it look more legit, Chicago had to be eliminated as an Olympic hometown (except for the special summer Drive-By Shooting event which will take place in Obama's old Acorn-ridden neighborhoods on the south side).

To add insult to injury, the U.S. was just hit this past week with record early and heavy snowfalls from Texas to Michigan.

I have always been skeptical of the PC driven science influence in evolution, economics, education, DDT banning, etc., and now there is abundant, verifiable proof that Western science of any kind is untrustworthy, not provable, not peer reviewed, and almost totally corrupt. I am not even sure if that old standby, I=E/R can be depended on.

God's second greatest gift* this December could well be the total debunking of the Copenhagen Conference, and the realization that we all have been punked by scientists who are not scientists at all. These global warming cultics may never be embarassed enough to fess up, but we can certainly decertify them, and by "decertify" I mean take every penny they have stolen away from Americans; move them out of their cushy, tenured positions at NASA, the universities, NOAA, the media, and even the Weather Channel. Burning at the stake is not recommended at this time. After all, its the Christmas Season.

*OK, I know Jesus was not born on December 25.