Sunday, November 22, 2009

All White MSNBC All Stars* Say Palin Book Buyers 'Too White'

MSNBC's Nora O'Donnell, reporting from a book store selling Palin's book Going Rogue, was astonished how "white" those people who were standing in line to buy the book, and how "no minorities" could be seen in the autograph line (of course, we know MSNBC cameramen are trained, maybe by Scientologists, not to video blacks mixing with whites - like at Tea Parties, especially if the black person is carrying a weapon on his person at political events).

Nora, as a member in good standing of that Proud White Self Loathing Liberal Club, went on to report to Chris Matthews, "I think there is a tribal aspect to this thing."

All the while she was thinking, "I voted for a black president," thereby justifying her existence, and guaranteeing her job at MSNBC for many years to come.[Editor's comment only, and has not been substantiated]

The oddest thing about the MSNBC folks bragging on their "Blacker Than Thou" attitude is the fact that almost the entire gang of MSNBC regulars are as cracker faced as you can find: Joe Scarborough (White), Rachel Maddow (White), Andrea Mitchell (White), Dr. Nancy (White), Keith Olbermann (White), Ed Show Ed (White), Dylan Ratigan (White),Chris Matthews (Way Too White),Mika Brzezinski (White). I did not include the very respectable Lester Holt in the above because he is too respectable. The entire cast looks like a bunch of white sheets hanging on a clothesline outside a Klansman's house. * I cannot vouch that all the "All Stars" are reverse racist, but I would sure like to see proof to the contrary.

Even If black, Congressional Representative from Alabama Arthur Davis would be added to the above MSNBC news gang, it would still be all white, since Jesse Jackson race-baited the good Congressman telling him, "You can't call yourself a black man and vote against health care."

It should be needless to say, but this is not so much about Sarah Palin and the media fuss bestowed upon her by the Left or the Right, but this is about who Sarah represents - honest, hard working, godly, American-loving, Constitution beholding, freedom liking people, like you and me, brother, versus the louts on the Left. I would not endorse Sarah at this time for a presidential run, as I look for candidates who most resemble George Washington, although they always fall short. However, she represents a spirit which is the antithesis of what may be found among the Liberals, Communists, Marxists, Progressives, Democrats or whatever they want to be known as.

This is about a culture war and MSNBC is obviously on the other side.