Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Pilgrims Celebrate Thanksgiving At Original Plimouth Plantation - Indians On Strike

For many years, Thanksgiving celebrations at the original Plimoth Plantation have delighted thousands of visitors wanting to see the recreation of the famous 1621 event where the Pilgrims joined the Wampanoag Indians in a feast that may have included the following:
Deer meat, sallet (salad), mussels, sauc'd turkey, and a pottage of cabbage, leeks, and onions. Still to come are the stewed pompion (pumpkin), a chine of , fricassee of fish, cheesecake, a charger of Holland cheese, and fruit, plus the evening's entertainment - hymns, communal rounds, and jovial wordplay.
[PETA is again planning to do something ridiculous and distasteful in order to portray what a cruelty it is to kill turkeys, and NBC has given PETA commercial time to make their case why Thanksgiving should be renamed "National Cruelty To Turkeys Day." In fact, if you would like your tummy to groan - before Thanksgiving dinner - look at another most disgusting PETA commercial where the libs get a very young girl to pray "grace" at a family-filled table, and it goes like: "Dear God thank you for this Turkey which has been tortured, beaten, locked in a dungeon, . . . " Bon Appetit!

According to my understanding, the descendants of the original Indian tribe are a no-show at this year's Thanksgiving/Harvest events because of a 400 year grievance that they feel must be amplified during the holiday. The Wampanoag's demands for apologies and reparations surely trumps our African American brothers' demand from those who enslaved them, until about 150 years ago, but still are complaining about not getting enough from "Obama's stash."

Various tribes have also proclaimed the national holiday of Thanksgiving as a National Day Of Mourning. They are joining with liberals everywhere to denounce the significance, festivities, and thankfulness to God, because of those murderous Puritans, who may not have been as murderous as universities and the New York Times dictate.

Just as global warmulists revise temperatures, lib professors and politicians even more easily revise history. For the most part, the original Puritan pilgrims and Indians got along, but not long after the Europeans arrived, various warring Indian tribes (Indians had trouble among themselves, believe it or not) would eventually compete with other tribes for the affections (trade goods) of the Europeans.

Various tribes would side with the Dutch traders against the English traders and their allied Indian tribes. The native Americans were not interested in gold or silver as much as they lusted for wampum - beads. When Manhattan was sold by the Indians to the Dutch for $ 24 (not adjusted for inflation) in wampum, they thought the English were suckers.

Before the American Revolution, many tribes backed the losing French against the British, and during the Revolution, many tribes backed the British, thus opposing the colonial fathers. By the time the early 1800's came around, Indians, in general, were not trusted by the early Americans. I will not excuse even most of what early Americans perpetrated on the natives, but the natives were not known to fight by the Marquis De Queensbury principles, either. They lived and acted like savages and heathen, both of which words mean "woods dwellers." Revisionist historians deny this, but proof of rampant STDs and scalping existed on the American continent long before Columbus arrived.

So, we have compensated the Indians with Reservations, booze, and gambling casinos, and we have brought them into a welfare dependence which is just as hard to escape for them as it is for inner city kids to get a life.

The once brave braves are more known for being litigious and contentious about their "logos" ie., Seattle University changed the nickname of their mascot from Chieftains to Redhawks in 2000 - than they are for their bravery and rugged individual lifestyle, pre Columbus. A little girl, proudly dressed in her homemade Indian costume was scolded by a Plimoth Plantation employee, and told to "take off that costume" before entering the fake Indian village. Who has more caused the demise and disreputing of the American Indian than Proud White Self Loathers - probably descendants of the original Pilgrims in today's Taxachusetts. Yes, the libs have so fractured the United States with their extreme diversity and multicultural doctrines that we now have, not just political divisions, we abide in these "United" States as mortal enemies among ourselves, no different than during the pre Civil War era.

If Indians want to mourn and boycott Americana 400 years after the fact, then so be it, but before they protesteth too much, they may want to think about those beneficial things that the Europeans did eventually bring - like refrigerators and radios, to name a couple

Nevertheless, I would still like to extend a heartfelt thanks to those amazing and ruggedly individualistic Puritans, who should not be associated with the European slavers and traders that did, indeed, oppress the red man as well as the white in pursuit of filthy lucre, and I would like to compliment those original Native Americans as well as those who inhabit the United States today, bringing us their rich history (except for the oversensitivity to Indian logos, and involvement with gambling casinos).

May we just all honor and thank God today? And, by God, I think you know Who I mean.
*Excellent reading - How Plimoth Governor William Bradford found out Communism was not such a good idea.