Sunday, December 27, 2009

Did NASA Blow Up Its Own Carbon Detecting Satellite?

February 24, 2009, NASA's 280 million dollar Orbiting Carbon Observatory fell into the Antarctic after it failed to make orbit.

Now, I'm not a Truther who believes 9/11 was an inside job produced by George Bush, nor am I certain BO is a U.S. citizen, but where there's smoke, there's fire from a burning birth certificate somewhere . . .

NASA's carbon checking satellite was launched with the intention of definitively mapping the amount and effects of that evil atom, carbon, on the earth, which has alone been responsible for loading western universities with a non diversity of well funded junk scientists, who have discovered such amazing things as "global warming has caused an increase in prostitution in the Philippines."

And how, you might ask, is the faux heating of the earth heating up the street girls in the Philippines? It seems, according to some junk science reports, that the hotter earth has deprived Filipino fisherman of a good catch, thus forcing their wives back in the village to snag Johns to make up for the lack of income.
You just hear the craziest things in Copenhagen.

NASA has been at the forefront of the global warming, ne climate change, slam down ever since the reduction of its significance (and budget) after many stellar years of admirable and successful missions, which have accomplished everything from landing on the moon (Yes, I believe it) to discovering Velcro and Teflon. The list of inventions and innovations emanating from NASA in its heyday goes on and on, but something happened.

Despite many successes, the space shuttle Challenger blew up in 1986, killing 7 astronauts, due to the failure of a giant O-Ring which allowed explosive fuel to be leaked out of the rocket. The entire space program was placed on hold for several years, while the American public grieved and learned that science involves experimentation, and is never perfect, and often deadly.

Sadly, again in 2003 another 7 American astronauts were killed during reentry of the shuttle Columbia. This is where junk science starts to intrude its ugly head. During the launch of Columbia, a chunk of the rocket's insulating foam fell onto a wing of the shuttle, thus harming the insulating properties of the craft. Obviously, the shuttle needs the insulation for withstanding the several thousand degrees of heat it is exposed to during reentry from space.

Prior to Columbia's crash, a non Environmental Protection Agency approved insulating foam was employed, and it did a good job of both insulating the rocket, and not falling off. That was not good enough for the EPA which demanded a more "environmentally friendly foam," which also had the tendency to break apart, thus endangering the shuttles. And, they knew this. Junk Science kills again!

NASA's and the Goddard Space Center's James Hansen has been at the forefront of the Global Warming debacle, and I think, in part simply because NASA has been in desperate need of new missions since the signing off of the Space Shuttle Program. Hansen has been the most notoriously whorish hawk of promoting the Climate Change scare, and has even called for public trials condemning CEOs and others who doubt carbon caused global super-warming.

And, he (NASA) needs money, and a future. With the public's waining interest in all things spacial, NASA has been ramping up its junk science, just like the many universities and green business, which have "seen the light" of the vast amount of monies that may be extorted by getting on the all-electric powered bandwagon.

Just this past week, it has been reported that the Obama administration may be paying off one of its largest campaign supporters - NASA - with a hefty 20 billion dollar budget, which will, no doubt "discover" even more science - proving how hot, hot, hot its going to get on planet earth - primarily due to man's carbon footprint.

One has to wonder, with all this "trick" science going on, as proven by the East Anglia emails, if NASA may have scuttled its Carbon detecting satellite for fear that it would verify that carbon is not so much a problem. NASA's own satellites have shown that the earth's average temperature has declined by almost a degree since Al Gore filmed Inconvenient Truth. See satellite cooling data at AlGoreLied.Com. See also Eight Year Downtrend Continues In Global Temps.

Even before the East Anglia email explosion this past year, NASA was caught red-hot handed in falsifying temperatures by blatantly assigning September 2008's temperatures to October 2008, just to make October of that year look warmer.

One of the most overlooked stories of 2009, which further proves the sham of excessive global warming, was the journey of 3,000 NASA-sponsored undersea robots which roamed the sea for 5 years recording ocean temperatures.
Guess what? No global sea warming! Why wasn't this great revelation printed by the state controlled media? I guess they just wanted to "hide the decline."