Saturday, January 16, 2010

Malicious Massachusetts Prosecutor Martha Coakley And Balloon Boy

Senate Candidate Martha Coakley just can't get it right.

In 2005, a 31 year old police officer living in District Attorney Martha Coakley's county was investigated for raping his 23 month-old niece with a curling iron, yet, despite the clear evidence, no action was taken because the officer had, "deep roots in the community." The pedophile policeman was eventually caught and released by Coakley on his own recognisance, and was summarily sentenced to two life terms - two years after the assault. Justice had to wait for Coakley's successor to finally convict the pedophile rapist. Story here by Mary Katherine Ham.

As a good Democrat, Ms. Coakley had to show favoritism to the above guilty fellow member of government, but what has she done for the average innocent citizen?

The below case shows that Martha Coakley's susceptibility to jumping on politically-correct, public pressure-driven cases that have no merit could very well be taken with her to the Senate of the United States, God forbid.

According to District Attorney and Senate candidate Martha Coakley's lobbying: "In 1986 Gerald Amirault, owner of Fells Acres Day Care, inserted "a wide-blade butcher knife into the rectum of a 4-year-old boy, which he then had trouble removing. When a teacher in the school saw him in action with the knife, she asked him what he was doing, and then told him not to do it again, a child said. On this testimony, Gerald was convicted of a rape which had, miraculously, left no mark or other injury." Dorothy Rabinowitz

Amirault and his family were convicted, with no evidence and dubious testimony, of raping and molesting 8 children at the school resulting in Gerald spending 18 years in prison - thanks to the earnestness and the pleadings of Massachusetts Senate Candidate Martha Coakley requesting another lady, Governor Jane Swift, to keep him confined. Ms Coakley was also responsible for the 1997 prosecution of the English au pair, Louise Woodward, who was falsely indicted, in my opinion, for killing a baby in her charge.

Massachusetts, where Martha Coakley assumed the position of Attorney General in 2007 is infamous for finding pedophiles under every rock, yet had difficulty in quickly discovering child abusing priests under the Boston Diocese which lost over 80 churches because of the priest-pedophile scandals. She may be one of those "when I want to be" Catholics. John Kerry? Ted Kennedy? Nancy Pelosi?

Martha Coakley, despite being honored by Bar Associations and women's groups everywhere (except pro life women), got caught up in the politically correct, Boston style of liberal justice which sees men as nothing more than potential domestic abusers and as the prime offenders in divorce and custody cases. Working with the justice system and jail ministries for many years, I have seen many (especially overzealous) lady psychologists/social workers/lawyers/prosecutors/judges hang innocent parents, especially men, for crimes they did not commit. Like Gerald Amirault. Coakley has been THE poster child for the Violence Against Women Act, pushed by Hilary Clinton in the 90's, which has done more to encourage malicious prosecution against men than even the Affirmative Action executive order of 1968.

Today, conscienceless prosecutors (as opposed to conscienceless defense lawyers) can easily prosecute, on a whim or reasonless hunch, anyone they desire to. They usually do this with the aid of Grand Juries which are as easily swayed by a prosecutor's case as they were convinced by President Obama to bring them some Hope and Change. Yes, it is reasonable to calculate that juries are comprised of over 50% Democratic party members, and who will more easily "fall for a line (lie)." Today's prosecutors are out for a win; justice be damned. They don't need a ham sandwich to prosecute, not even the mustard. And, lawyers (Democrats) love Martha Coakley.

Neither Massachusetts nor the United States needs more Democrats in office who have known to be driven by push polls and liberal/politically correct public pressure, which Massachusetts happens to be infamous for.

Public pressure, even according to Sheriff Jim Alderden, was the driving force behind the prosecution of Balloon Boy's father Richard Heene and mother, Mayumi. After watching Richard Heene's last Larry King interview, and following the story fairly closely before making an opinion, it is obvious that: Richard's Japanese wife was threatened with deportation; Heene's Balloon Boy son, Falcon, was repeating what a Japanese reporter had told him, that "It was for a TV show;" and God only knows how many years of imprisonment and fines the Heene's were threatened with if they would not cop a plea for a lesser sentence. I don't think the general public realizes how heavy handed prosecutors can be - in order to get some sort of admission of guilt from innocent people.

So, the American justice system has become ruled by shifty lawyers trying to out shift-the shifty prosecutors, and vice versa. Honesty is not so much a byproduct of modern jurisprudence, as it was in the Perry Mason days. OK, there have always been shenanigans going on in the legal profession, but anyone who has been around long enough, or has studied history, can plainly see that lying, in general, has become more of a national pastime, among all demographics, than it ever has. We don't hear of lawyer jokes so much anymore because so many people have been hurt by so many lawyers, the jokes just aren't funny any more.

I admit to being on a binge, lately, of watching too many reality crime/detective/courtroom TV programs like Paula Zahn's On The Case, Investigation Discovery, Dateline, Criminal Minds, FBI Files, The First 48, etc." Even after working with and around the "justice" system for over 20 years, I am still amazed at how much injustice occurs on an epidemic level. If you don't believe it, you will when you are falsely accused, prosecuted, then jailed.
I have seen more men punished by the false accusations of daughters and wives in divorce, custody, visitation, abuse cases and murder trials than could be imagined.

Watch out. You may have a Martha Coakley prosecutor in your town, just waiting . . . lurking. . . ready to pounce. . . .