Thursday, January 07, 2010

Defenders Of The Faith Series: Nancy Pelosi, Catholic

Even before Nancy Pelosi, Iron Maiden of the House Of Representatives, dominated the most manly of men in her San Francisco congressional district, where there is a high likelihood that the men are actually women, she began life as a parochial-school-trained girly-girl, having just loose familial connections to the Mafia Don, Lucky Luciano.

I am only guessing, that when growing up, Nancy P. modeled herself after two famous personalities of her time - as can be noticed by her current quirky behavior: Liberace, the gay piano player, and Evita Peron the infamous dominatrix of Argentina. Her girlish ,Liberace-like giggles in combination with her heavy-handed authoritarian swagger have made her a force to be reckoned with, and it has been a very unhealthy thing for Democrats to defy her Health Bill (or, to support it). Contrary to suspcions, there have been no credible reports indicating that the Godmother has "dispatched" (dumped into San Francisco Bay) any of those who have dared to oppose her.

She was baptized Nancy Patricia D'Alesandro in 1940.

Who would have guessed that a beautiful ( before plastic surgery) little Italian girl from Baltimore, who had First Communion in 1947 and would later be a Confirmed Catholic - Defender Of The Faith - in 1951 would become the most powerful congressional Democrat and potentially three heartbeats away from being President Of The United States?

Nancy Pelosi is California's 8th District Representative, and this modern Joan Of Arc has staunchly defended the downtrodden from the man-boy lovers of NAMBLA to the partial birth aborters to homosexuals desiring to sanctify their sodomy through Holy Matrimony - one of the Catholic Sacraments with which Nancy is very familiar.

Few people have had as much Catholic education as Nancy. I only had 12 years of great Catholic schooling. Growing up in the 1940's, Nancy attended Saint Leo's parochial school, Notre Dame High School, Catholic Trinity College and then joined the creme de la creme of Catholic Universities (like Bill Clinton) - Georgetown. We should applaud the Jesuits for such a fine job with Nancy - not unlike they did with Fidel in his early years. Nancy attended her first Democrat Convention in Maryland when she was a mere 12 years of age.Her dad was the first Italian American to be elected mayor of Baltimore.

Nancy was smart enough to marry a banker who later would become worth 25 million dollars. Nancy's biography tells how she would sacrifice time away from her five children in order to fight for her progressive style of communism [Jesus did order his disciples to share, didn't He?] "Pelosi was a homemaker for a number of years. Her youngest daughter, Alexandra, told People Magazine that she and her siblings were not an easy crew: "We were like the kids from The Simpsons—she couldn't get anyone to babysit." No matter how busy she was at home, Pelosi always volunteered for the Democratic party during election campaigns." People Mag.

Nancy is probably best known nationally for her ability to transform her facial appearance through cosmetic additions and subtractions. According to my own research, I have not been able to find any evidence that Nancy was ever honored or given an award for intelligence i.e.. the National Honor Society or Mensa, or scholarships of any kind. It is very likely that she has been persecuted for her religious convictions just as Saint Rose of Lima, Mother Theresa, and Hillary have been ostracized because they were also "strong women."

Nancy Pelosi has been honored with near 100% approval ratings by such diverse, salt-of-the-earth groups as Gay/Lesbian, People For The American Way, ACLU, The Secular Coalition (antidote to Christian Coalition) etc.

Not unlike one of her heroines, the legendary Pope Joan of the 8th Century, Nancy has not been afraid to castigate errant Catholic priests and bishops who had forbidden pro abortion Democratic candidates to partake of the Catholic Eucharist. During the 2004 presidential campaign, she ordered the Catholic clergy not to withhold Holy Communion from candidates who were pro sodomite or pro abortion.

Nancy, although as stalwart in profession (big mouth) as Joan Of Arc, has not been able to summon the fortitude to actually battle America's sworn enemies such as Islamic terrorists. She is a woman of peace and is a product of the city of peace - San Francisco -her political base which is the "Gayest Large City In The World." Nancy defends and serves the San Francisco gays which comprise 20% of the city's population (a reported 25% of those homosexuals are HIV Positive). I do hope Nancy can do better than New Orleans Mayor Nagin did when San Francisco succumbs, once again, to the judgment of God.

[Timely Reprint By Editor]