Monday, March 22, 2010

Did Obama Burn All His Political Capital Or Did He Just Burn Down The Capitol?

"SHE IS YOUR ENEMY!" Rose of Quinn and Rose radio fame shouted this morning on the syndicated radio program, "SHE IS A WICKED EVIL, WOMAN!"

Her radio partner, Jim Quinn, expounded on how the Obamcare Bill would infringed upon Life (unborn, especially), Liberty and The Pursuit of Happiness (especially for those who work for a living.

Thank God, radio host Mark Levin is among hundreds of plaintiffs who will be suing the Bojangles out of Obamacare. All the work the President has invested in this boondoggle has yielded nothing better than a revolution. (note: A Boondoggle was a make-do, busy-work project initiated by FDR to keep the unemployed busy. Basically it was a wooden and leather device which kept the Boy Scout's tie tidy).

Most disgusting has been the actions of Nancy Imelda Marcus Evita Winnie Pelosi who flaunted her gavel one too many times, by effectually hammering every Democrat into submission for such a worthless, futile, and unaffordable cause. Republicans and pro life Democrats were hammered, heckled and jeered as they delivered last minute speeches to save the Republic from such an abominable intrusion into our Constitutional liberties.

Nancy has also sworn to Rahm through more detestable legislation such as Cap and Trade and Immigration Reform. I don't think so. Stupak, for all his former bravado sold out for a mere $700,000.