Saturday, April 03, 2010

President Obama Denies White Roots. Fine Him $500 For Falsifying Census?

Census Form Ultimate Race Card?
It is getting increasingly harder to be Color Blind.

According to Mark Levin, maybe President should be fined about $500 for falsely listing his race on the Census as "Black/African American/Negro," when in fact Obama's grandparents were Irish, which would obligate him to check both the Black, White or Other boxes in the questionnaire. Honestly, he is no more "purely" Black/AfroAmerican/Negro than Halle Berry.

Whatever, I don't think it could pass the requested Martin Luther King's Color- Blind Test.

Since when can you pick your Race? I know the public schools are teaching and confusing children that they may arbitrarily choose their sex and gender, but picking your ancestry - before you were born? Since the Interweb makes it so convenient, I had to look up race in Webster's Dictionary and it shows that the word comes from the Italian word razza which means "tribe" or "family" in which you were born.

The President seems to be sending a signal that there may be some shame in either having a mixed racial background (multiracial/mulatto) or that he wants to disassociate from that certain ethnic heritage (white devil?) which Jeremiah Wright preached so vociferously on, and may be ashamed of.

Although Obama did not write so glowingly about his Irish grandparents, who were the last known principals to actually care for him in his childhood, he has so bragged on the faux fathers that he rarely had acquaintance with. Why would Obama disown that part of his heritage unless he was (a) An angry black boy due to trauma caused by his white mother, (b) Cocaine, (c) He admits in his book that his Grandmother was afraid of Black men, (d) Liberal Hawaiians, and his mother's encounters with pseudo father-figures launched him into a depression and rebellion against whites, or, (e) maybe he found out very early that blackness meant Affirmative Action promotions, and ingratiating favoritism from liberal Academia, Hollywood, as well as the Press.

Here is an excellent story where President Obama inspired a Biracial family during the election. Obama Evokes Biracial Pride

Excerpt: "For the parents of multiracial children, the rise of Obama has been a vindication of sorts, a presidential rebuttal to a society that has not always been kind to their offspring, labeling them "half breeds," "tragic mulattoes," "mutts" and "mixed nuts," according to Susan Graham. . .