Monday, March 29, 2010

Wanted: Nword. Black Congressman Cannot Find It, Breitbart Offering $100,000

How unfitting during this Easter season that the Democrats would try to resurrect the Nword after the NAACP had buried it in a 2007 ceremony.

Breitbart of BigGovernment.Com has upped the reward for the finding of that elusive Nword from $10,0000 to $100,000. That Pinko McClatchey Newspaper syndicate broke the nonstory and the lie spread like Republican General Sherman over the South after liberating the slaves.

The Nword has become, pardon the expression, Black Gold, for blacks and liberal whites alike. If they can unearth the dirt after questing so dilligently for any sign of racism, which has been very profitable for them, they will get more press than Huffington, the NY Times, Kos has space to print. Howard Kurtz and Leonard Pitts, professional racism sniffers, jumped on the pseudo Spit Attack and Nword yelling like white on Tea Party Rice, yet again, they were proven to be fools. No wonder their ratings and readership is falling off the bandwagon. . .

. . .Just as polling suggests that millions of white men who supported Obama (43% of white men) have run away from his policies so that now only 35% of percent of white men are remaining faithful to Chris Matthhews, Keith Olbermann and Rachel Maddow. Oh yeah, and Obama.

I remember these same white liberal men calling into the local talk radio program featuring the real King of All Media, Howie Chizek, during the Presidential election, accusing Republicans of "being racist" for not liking Obama. They really prided themselves in boasting that "I will vote for a Black man, because I'm better than thou," or some facsimile to that effect. How's that Hope and Change Working For You Now, Whitey (and African American)? Not so good because Obama's stash has just run out of money. I was tempted to say "Mo Money," but that might be considered racist.

As for accusing Repubs and Tea Partiers of drumming up hate and violence, the last time I checked it was a radical proto Dem, Bill Ayers, who made bombs - which could easily have killed neighborhood blacks if he did not so incompetently construct his nail-filled bomb.

It wasn't Republicans who have on several occasions burned cities like Detroit, Cleveland, LA etc. when they weren't getting their way. I don't believe it is Conservatives who have promoted those inner cities where both Blacks and Whites are in perpetual danger of losing life and limb because of the out of control crime as promoted under the Great Society which told Blacks, "You can have your own culture, just leave us white liberals alone." The Black Rage bestowed by white liberals has set back the African American's spirituality, morality, economy, and politics for decades to come.

From my Top Ten Racists/Race Baiters, I pull this outrageous quote to show who have been the most notorious for whipping up the people. . Andrew Young went even further, saying that Reagan's remarks seemed "like a code word to me that it's going to be all right to kill niggers when he's President." Coretta Scott King managed to top Young: "I am scared that if Ronald Reagan gets into office, we are going to see more of the Ku Klux Klan and a resurgence of the Nazi Party."