Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Rima Fakih First Christlamicist Miss USA - Like First Christlamicist President?

No doubt, Progressive PC did help engineer the election of the stunning Arabic beauty, Rima Fakih, from Dearbornistan (see DebbieSchlussel, one of Rush Limbaugh's favorites), Michigan to Miss U.S.A.

The judges, including ultra flamboyant skater Johnny Weir and lib Office actor Oscar Nunez, who thought he could embarrass the more beautiful Miss Oklahoma contestant, were among the final judges who were, no doubt, nudged, to vote Diversity (Muslim-Arab American) in Sunday's pageant.

Aside from Rima's disqualifying "professional" pole dancing, I am more interested in her family's Hamas-supporting background according to, again, Debbie Schlussel and other media.

Hezbollah sympathizer and billionaire Farouk Shami was reportedly (Jewish Interest Defense League) a sponsor of Ms Fakih, but more importantly he is known to be a Quaker-Muslim, or something in between, like a Barack Obama?

Wikipedia shows that, although her family are confessing Muslims, they celebrate Christmas and other Christian practices.?????????????

What I am getting to is that the little Catholic-trained school girl Rima may be as confused about her religion as a Barack Obama, and that collectively, all these multi-faith people are confusing everyone else.

I would like to give them all the benefit of the doubt, and just ascribe their paradoxical beliefs to their traveling on some sort of "spiritual journey."

Has Islam become the new Christianity? Lord knows that the Lame Stream media would have it so, along with Obama's entourage, including Judge Barbara Crabb (real name) who has decided that the National Day Of Prayer is unconstitutional. Not that long ago that Ted Turner accused Christians of being, "A religion for losers." Franklin Graham banned from the Pentagon Prayer Breakfast, Mohave Veteran's Memorial Cross banned, boxed, now stolen.

The Left is only elevating Islam, from the President's refusing to recognize warring enemies of the U.S., to the Public Schools, to the fire departments which must furnish foot-baths for Moslems, in order to denigrate or lessen the significance of Christianity. Socialists want to lyingly prove that they are not anti religious by exalting a perverted brand of social justice through favoring anything Moslem. Besides that, they may be scared to death of those guys who pack bombs and wield very broad swords.

President Obama on a Stephanopoulos show: "You're absolutely right that John McCain has not talked about my Muslim faith," Obama said, before being corrected by Stephanopoulos." Barack Obama 2008.

Better sooner than later, these multi-faithed Bahai types of Christlamicists will decide to be one or another. God is not a God of confusion. President Obama has detached himself (thank God) from mainline liberal denominations as well as Jeremiah Wright, and he is studying Christianity with a younger Pentecostal minister Joshua DuBois. Barack will have to choose this day who he will serve. Jesus or Mohammad, but not both.

A good part of Dearbornistan's Muslim community is not so happy about Rima's unmoslemlike immodesty. Miss USA Fakih may have to decide to become a Christian and give up her Christlamicism, for no other reason than we Christians are more tolerant of women sliding up and down stripper poles. But why?

PS You Gay-Bishop-Ordaining Episcopalians will also have to decide Who you will serve.

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