Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Israel Knows What A Terrorist Is. Why Doesn't The United States?

In light of the Israeli raid on the Hamas-backed "activists" over the weekend, the Socialist Media is outraged that Israel would terrorize the Turkish flagged aid ships to Gaza with such menacing weapons as paintball guns and pepper spray brandished by the Israeli commandos.

The world community (and Obama administration by default, of course) is again cursing Israel for such an inhumane activity as protecting its sovereign existence. Its as if the world community had quickly forgotten that Israel had just confiscated a similar Mediterranean vessel laden with over 500 tons of weapons in April. The ship was a gift from Lebanese Hezbollah to Gaza Hezbollah to be employed only for the destruction of Israel.

So, once again, as prophesied, Israel is that "burdensome stone" which will continue to be targeted by the world community (and Obama, by default) for defending itself against a perpetual, conspicuous and obvious enemy.

It looks like its Bebe Netanyahu's turn to dis President Obama by refusing to meet with him because of these critical matters. Could our President be as much invested as Bebe is - in the preservation of his country, and recognition that there are natural born killer enemies of the United States - just as there are of Israel?

Why does not the world community (and President Obama and the NY Times by default) also condemn Egypt, which because of these same Hamas/Hezbollah sympathizing "activists," forbids any transportation of aid across Egypt's border to Gaza?

Egypt is not condemned merely because it is not Jewish.

"No More Mr. Nice Guy," Mr. President, when it comes to our declared enemies, please.

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