Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Someone Tell Maddow, Olbermann, Huffington Kos That IT IS A MOSQUE !!!

And, that IT IS AT GROUND ZERO!!! Its as if the Islamophile spear-catchers would say that those unfortunate Japanese who died on the outskirts of Hiroshima as a result of the Atom Bomb, were "not at ground zero." Yet, none of the lamestream media seems to want to reveal that one of the attack airliners on 9/11 dropped a landing gear onto the very building where they plan to build a mosque.

BTW, if you look at "mosques" around the world, they are synonymous with community centers. All the trappings of a YMCA, except they are not Christian (like the modern day Y). Today's modern mosque - virtually anywhere in the world - includes gyms, cafeterias, meeting rooms, prayer rooms, schools, creche's (day care), etc.

Prez Obama has only confessed that he is Christian, but I think that was while he was campaigning. If his sole Christian advisor is Jim Wallis of Sojourners (former SDS), he might be better off sitting under Jeremiah Wright's pulpit. Has Obama or anyone in the administration fought for the rebuilding of the St. Nicholas Orthodox Church - across the street from the Twin Towers, and destroyed on 9/11 - which has been haggling with Bloomberg for 8 years to get permission for rebuilding?

So, the President wants to not celebrate Christmas (his advisers persuaded him to do it anyway), avoid Christian functions, yet this great Man of Peace, wants to placate Muslims at every turn.

And, what about the nonexistent Separation of Church and State? Where are Barry Lynn (United Church of Anti Christ minister, and head of Americans United For Separation Of Church And State)and the ACLU, as New York Governor Patterson is offering free property to a religious group?

PS Have they found that Cross which was dedicated to WW I veterans nearly hundred years ago, that was stolen from a remote area of the Mojave Desert? Are they even looking?

PPS And,please, stop repeating that stupid mantra, "Its legal," "Its legal." We know its legal, we just don't want it there.