Saturday, July 03, 2010

Is The EPA (Sierra Club) Bigger Than Obama?

We have seen how the homosexual lobby has been able to whip the President around to their liking. . . After several meetings and press conferences where they heckled, jeered, and shouted-out at him, getting him over the barrel so to speak, he proceeded to get on his knees before them and hurry the suspension of the Don't Ask Don't Tell policy so that buggery might be officially accepted in our American armed forces. It really did not take all that much prodding for the gays to ramrod their agendas into Presidential policy making.

If only Obama had even attempted to listen half as much to Tea Partiers and Republicans during the Health Care debates and other more important matters of state.

Even more financially engorged than the Gay Lobby must be EPA advocates like the Sierra Club, Audubon Society, Green Peace and other super rich libs who
enjoy vacationing in their own remote cabins on God's green earth and woods, while despising a middle class which would also like a mountain hideaway, except that the socialism-soaked environmentally ill people would like to eliminate middle income people. Poor folks are more controllable (they think) , except for those in the crime ridden inner cities.

The BP oil spill, seems to be no big thing to the Environmentally Ill because it has been the obvious lever to tilt Obama toward his campaign promises of "skyrocketing the cost of energy," and "bankrupting coal."

As we enter into the third month of the Big Spill in the Gulf,we are finding out how the EPA and other associated Fedgov bureaucracies have deliberately sabotaged most attempts to clean up ocean and beach oil. The Governor of Alabama is one among many frustrated by the EPA's denial of clean-up tools, including the use of the Taiwanese monster ship "Whale," which is capable of skimming up a whopping 500,000 barrels of oil per day. Because the purity of the processed water exiting the ship would not be over 99 percent pure, the EPA has harpooned the Whale's mission, tying it to some dock in Norfolk for over a week. The EPA prohibited the Alabama governor's attempts to merely manually dig up sludge off the beach. The tar ball retrieval method was not being done according to EPA specs.

Hundreds of other methods of proven and experimental oil clean-up has been deep-sixed by the EPA because they obviously don't want the Gulf cleaned up. Early cleanup of the Gulf may revive off coast and Alaskan oil drilling. And you know, bureaucrats need "make -do" and "busywork" so they can exercise a little clout (actually a lot) and most importantly - perpetuate their jobs in the government and promote their prestige with Hollywood, Rachel Maddow, The Huffington Kos, and the NY Times, as well as the Associated Press.

Since 1970, when the EPA started as a worthwhile endeavor it has grown to such a behemoth that they have us believing that 380 parts per million carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is poisoning the planet. "You Give Me Fever" Al Gore has sung - for more reasons than one.

The list is endless that indicts the EPA for criminal overreach into our lives and pocketbooks. Don't run your lawn more. Don't make a campfire. Don't water the crops because of a rat. Don't dig a drainage ditch. That's no puddle, that's a Wetland. Don't properly insulate the Shuttle with non EPA approved foam insulation that would prevent it from blowing up. . .

My small, overspent City of Akron Ohio, although totally governed by Democrats, has received no favors or benefits from the its fellow Dems in the liberal-loved EPA which has caused the city to unnecessarily upgrade its sewage system to the tune of a couple of hundred million dollars. The EPA, I believe, has deliberately demanded impossible to attain amounts of purity from the earth and air - and they know it! Conservatives, Republicans, and Tea Partiers have fought the folly of Cap and Trade to the bone, but its not over until the EPA itself has been neutered. Why not send them, and the Sierra Club, Off To Alaska to live under BP's oil pipeline? They can have the Caribou keep them warm. My next choice would be a Gulag.

Even the United Nations is abandoning the Climate Change scam, formerly the Global Warming scam and knee-jerk liberalism for its new cause - Biodiversity. Will they fool us again?

If the Sierra Club's real goal is to depopulate, they are well on track to do so.