Thursday, August 12, 2010

Is Glenn Beck Right For Not Opposing ASS (Abortion-Sodomy Sins)?

No one has done more on TV or Radio to promote the Constitution, reawaken Americans to their early history, or promote spiritual revival in the U.S.A. today.

Glenn Beck has exposed the intricacies and fallacies of just about every Democrat/Socialist leaning man and organization. Dave Barton, who I have met and is the founder of the fantastic WallBuilders.Com website, has been Beck's most frequent guest - driving home the proof that America was founded on an inseparable intertwining of faith and law (the Constitution).

Glenn Beck has urged America, like no other newscaster/commentator to turn back toward God or faith, however, in a sort of generic way, yet still mentioning the name of Jesus Christ, somewhat cautiously, so as not to offend too much, so many in government who are regularly banning that Name's use. See Persuade.TV and Speaker of House Bans Praying In Jesus Name.

Despite all that Glenn Beck has done, he has avoided, according to his interview on Bill O'Reilly, speaking out against Abortion or Sodomy because, "Bill is covering it." Beck wants to "unite rather than divide" he says, because, "The country is burning." Does this make Beck more of a sort of secularized Robert Schuller or even a Rick Warren, who both are fairly secularized IMHO? Even O'Reilly seems to be more an anti-abort than Glenn, yet they both shy away from confronting homosexuality, politically as well as morally.

The ASS issues have been avoided by even the most conservative Republicans, but abortion, in particular, figured very prominently, in the Georgia's governor primary race where the more antiabortion candidate for Governor, Nathan Deal, defeated the Sarah Palin backed antiabortion-light candidate Karen Handel.

Will Beck eventually have to make a decision in the Valley of Decision?