Sunday, September 12, 2010

Gay Presbyterian Ministers Publicly Recite Koran Which Condemns/Executes Sodomites

All across the fruited plain, mainline Protestant liberal denominations have been publicly reciting the Koran before and on 9/11 in order to show "unity," unfortunately, not unity with their Head, Christ, but with someone they fear even more - Allah, I guess. PSA to President Obama and to the gay Presbyterians, the Ancient of Days referred to in the Bible cannot be synonymous with Allah, or the Top God would be very confusing, wouldn't He? Christians know who the Author of Confusion is and its not Father God. Amen?

As Gay Presbyterians (and Straight) publicly host "Koran Readings," "Summer Camps," and "Dinners" with Muslims for the sake of sharing interfaith unity with their brethren, they may have to be reminded of what the Koran and teachings of Mohammad are, and maybe discuss these views of homosexuality as told by the founders of Islam:

"What! Of all creatures do ye come unto the males, and leave the wives your Lord created for you? Nay, but ye are forward folk." Koran 26:165

The Prophet (saws) said: (1) "Kill the one who sodomizes and the one who lets if be done to him." (Tirmidhi, a sahih (authentic) hadith)

Would ye really approach men in your lusts rather than women? Nay, ye are a people (grossly) ignorant! Koran 027.055

"May Allah curse him who does that Lot's [Sodom-Gomorra] people did." (Ibn Hibban, sahih (authentic))

"Lesbianism by women is adultery between them." (Tabarani, sahih)"

And, if I was on one of those Presbyterian Camp-Out-With-Moslem planning committees planning another a joint-faith "Jihad Retreat" as they did in 2005, I would consider issuing the American youngsters a Leatherneck band as worn by the first United States Marines when they fought the Tripoli Moslems. The leatherneck actually deflected the broadsword of those Islamic Barbary pirates.

If you are a California Presbyterian you may be interested in this. "The pastor of St. Luke's Presbyterian Church in the town of Rolling Hills Estates in California, USA, is holding a "Learn the Qur'an Day" tomorrow!" I wonder if the Islamic community in California would consider having a "Read the New Testament Day," you know, where it talks about God actually living within a Man?

If you are a Texan, you may attend a 1st Ramadan Iftar Dinner held by DIC and First Presbyterian Church. That's right, a "Ramadan Dinner" at Dallas's First Presbyterian.

In Los Angeles, a Presbyterian Pastor held a Koran Reading in protest of the cancelled Koran Burning. "The attendees split into small groups and took turns reading passages aloud and discussing the readings."

No wonder the perception of American Christianity is that it is a powerless, backslidden, cowardly, discouraged, and weak-kneed entity. It is!!

PS There may be better news for the Gay Presbyterians at those "Jihad Camp" retreats they have hosted for Islamic types. There does seem to be some allowance for various sects of Islam to "enjoy" something called Bacha Bazi, which literally means "Boy Play." I must warn those same Gay Presbyterians, however, that not all of Islam is in total accord with the rules of that Boy Play game.

Considering the above, I am not certain if Islam is hijacking Christianity, or if Liberal Christianity is attempting to hijack Islam.