Saturday, September 11, 2010

On 9/11 Its Too Easy To Call Koran Burning Terry Jones The Nut

Well, here it is 9/11 and the United States is again under attack, but this time the Moslems are using psychological warfare to bring us to our knees via Terry Jones possibly burning the Koran. This time Islam has the aid of practically every newspaper, religious leader, and even the President of the U.S. to aid them in their terrorization.

The Huffington Post, as well as conservative icon Charles Krautheimer, calls him a "looney tune." Indeed, Charles used his Dr. of Psychiatry creds to diagnose Terry Jones as "a nut," but Krautheimer has never to my knowledge labeled either Jeremiah Wright or radical moslems as Paranoid Schizophrenic. Piling on to the Jones-dissing, we have Hilary Clinton, Sarah Palin, Generals all over the place as well as President Obama, and even Franklin Graham pleading that we do not defame Islam - a group of people we were at war with for over thirty years in Jefferson's time, and now, again, since the collapse of the Soviet Union which kept an iron hand (and Hammer and Sickle) on their rebellious necks. Yes, they were very quiet during most of the Soviet regime, because Islam respects strength, not kowtowing and ingratiation.

If Terry Jones is crazy for telling us God told him to "Burn A Koran," how much crazier was Abraham for thinking he had to sacrifice Isaac, or Constantine for believing that God told him in a dream that he could conquer the other Romans by plastering a cross on his own soldier's shields? In This Sign Conquer. Is that nuts, or what?

So everyone is on board of jumping bad on this former classmate of Rush Limbaugh for only talking about burning the Koran, as those crazy Islamists are jumping up and down, setting fire to American flags (no, we are not that sensitive), and making death threats to the U.S. for burning a book.

Is it me, or does it seem like certain ethnic people are looking for the lamest excuses to be outraged? . . . Looking for excuses to scare, extort, and eventually shake us down for remuneration of some kind? I could be talking about Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton, but I am, of course, referencing those people who are looking like fools with their head-towels on the ground.

How much power do Islam's adversaries have in that enemies of Mohammad's religion can merely threaten to burn their Holy Book (which is considered to be God's words) that was undoubtedly inspired by a plagiaristic translations of the Old Testament, the New Testament, Talmudic writings and the apocrypha? We might sue them for plagiarism, rather than burn their Book.

At least the Koran burning has united the country - not for Christ in any way - but only for the sake of showing an extra holy reverence toward Islam. Christ and His church receive not even a fraction of this sort of fear or honor as can be plainly noticed by listening to so-called comedian Kathy Griffin who pronounced at the Emmy's "Go suck it, Jesus," or watching anything that defames Christ on the Comedy Central channel which features Bible teacher, Colbert and South Park - big Jesus haters.

The kindness of Christians, and their "returning good for evil," should not be understood as that we can always be expected to have our cheeks slapped a million times without objecting. You would think we are being impolite and unChristian for not extending our necks to the Moslem's broadsword. The left is forever attempting to prove that Christians are mean people because they do not tolerate sodomy, adultery, fornication, or President Obama. We are racist for not agreeing with the Prez, or supporting Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, or Islam. That is why the Left has become a stronger ally of Islam than even Israel, because the Libs are using Islam as a wedge against Christianity. Indeed the Progressives would like us to think that they are very tolerant of religion - even as they show an obvious hatred against Christianity. Remember Ted Turner's remarks, "Christians are nothing but a bunch of clowns?" Our government is building public Islamic high schools such as in Dearbornistan, but never Christian.

Instead of Americans thinking on the most terrible tragedy on American soil perpetrated by Islam on September 11, 2001 we are more focused on the injustice done to our mortal enemies - Islamic Fundamentalists - because of a maybe burning of the Koran.

How nicely planned by Moslem militants, the American Left - and maybe a lot of the Devil. They made this into a story of such magnitude, not Terry Jones.