Saturday, September 04, 2010

Katy Perry's Parents Preach God's Unconditional Love For Daughter.Is She Forced To Receive It?

Thank, you, Brother and Sister Hudson for coming to Akron. As St. Paul stated, that no matter how the Gospel is delivered, I am thankful, even if I do not agree with, maybe, some of your message. None of us Christians agree in entirety with another Christian's theology.

I hope you are successful in delivering the milk of the wonderful Gospel message to the young teens in our area, many of whom will be in the pews because of your daughter Katy Perry's stardom. Of course, I hope that these same kids will be taught not to revere Katy even though she has your 'unconditional' love as well as God's - according to your preaching.

I also hope that you, Katy, and the kids will hear in your message that there is a condition for God's love and that is that we must accept or believe for it (Him). Nothing is forced on us so much so that we must believe forever in Him who died for us. If we choose to serve God, we are blessed. If we choose to serve God and backslide, let it be assured, we will be chastened. Perhaps those first believing in Christ should not be hit so hard - even like newborn babes - with the reality that God does "chasten those who he loves."

God must be known first for his mercy, but I believe that his mercy includes disciplining his children, "without chastening, you would be bastards." And, that he does not do it for his pleasure, the Bible says. The Bible is very clear on the matter that "fornication is a sin against the body." It is so rampant among teens, and adults, that they must be told what the consequences are - and, not just STDs.

Katy Perry is now known in the world as a girl who has lost her salt and has gone the way of the world. I heard her say recently that she was once a dedicated Christian, but then she learned that the "world is not flat." So, she has gone on to sing things like, "I Kissed A Girl... " and worse. I hope and pray that she does not end up like so many singers, who started out in the Lord like Amy Grant, Sandy Patty, Whitney Houston and even Jessica Simpson, but became so overwhelmed with the world that they shame God and disaffect others toward Jesus Christ.

As of this writing, I can admit that some or all of the above people may have repented and are back on track with Jesus.

Jesus knew that some of us would have to leave family members (just for a time?) for His sake because he knew that they would only drag us away from His best will for our lives. The New Testament also warns us not to be unequally yoked, and not to even eat with a brother who is a fornicator, railer, covetous, drunkard etc. I personally had to do this many years ago when my own very Catholic parents commanded, "Don't bring your Jesus into our house." After some time, though, they admitted that my new faith in Christ was real - only because I continued to follow Him, rather than give in to my desires to merely continue my 'old' life of putting family first, rather than Jesus. My family, after some time, recognized that I was truly born again, old things did pass away, and I was not merely a confused member of some cult.

Yes,God's love is unconditional toward those who will receive his unconditional love. If we refuse his love, especially after first believing in Him and the sacrifice of His Son, we are in danger like those who were told by Jesus, "Go and sin no more, lest a worse thing comes upon you."

I will continue to pray for you, and all those who you minister the gospel to.I believe a great revival is here and we don't want to miss it. I also hope Katy will not miss it. Let's publish all of the Good News, even that part of it that is bad news for the flesh.

May The Lord Bless You All