Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Sir John Boehner Of Ohio Knighted By Barack Obama. Thank You, Mr. President.

Well, it's taken a while for our own home-grown, corn-fed Ohioan, John Boehner to get some Lamestream Media coverage, but President Obama has catapulted "our" John to the stage of national attention, mentioning him by name at least eight times in a Cleveland speech last week.

Representative and Republican Minority Whip (And, I do mean "whip") Boehner was also diginified in that POTUS was only making a spontaneous speech at a Cleveland University, where local students had to be begged to attend, reportedly, because John Boehner had recently been in Ohio whipping up the masses against Obama's Recovery Summer and planned tax increases, ie., cancellation of Bush's tax cuts.

John Boehner is no new, well tanned face in American politics.

Joining the Congress in 1990 from the Cincinnati, Ohio area, John B. was part of the historical Republican Gang Of Seven which, in the early 90's, uncovered the infamous House Banking Scandal that indicted more Democrats than Republicans for overdrawing their Congressional checkbooks - kinda what the President is doing today in order to float all that stimulus money, which no one can totally account for.

John Boehner and fellow Young Turk, Newt Gingrich, went on to devise the Contract With America which swept Dems out of office during Clinton's administration, and setup the first Republican majority in the House of Representatives in 40 years.

How important is John Boehner? He is so important that the only way Face The Nation's Bob Schieffer could rag on Boehner was by intimidating him for smoking cigarettes. See the unbelievable exhange here. Would never hear of Schieffer ambushing Prez Obama on that one , would you? Yes, that's the same Bob Schieffer, news guy, who did not know about the Philadelphia Black Panther voter intimidation crime which Eric Holder also ignored .

The Gang of One, John Boehner, is ready to take back the House. Let's help him.