Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Stupid, Stupid NRA Endorses Dem Governor In Ohio And Loses

I have been hearing a lot of talk in the past couple of years by gun owners - like members of Gun Owners Of America and Ohioans For Concealed Carry, and even NRA people that, possibly, the National Rifle Associations was getting a bit too big for its holster, ie. the NRA has become a PAC of bureaucrats who are more becoming like what the AARP is to oldsters - losing its mind.

The NRA endorsed the Democrat incumbent Governor Ted Strickland over a more conservative John Kasich who in years past did not have the best record on Second Ammendment issues. Even though Kasich turned around on his understanding of the Right To Bear Arms Ammendment in the Bill of Rights, the NRA inexplicably spent a whole lot of gun owner money on last minute commercials which nearly deep sixed John Kasich.

I cannot believe that NRA members are that much of a one-issue group, but the staff and honchos at the NRA have been attempting to portray the rank and file rifle owner as some dumb dunce who would rather vote for a Democrat who promoted a member of Handgun Control Inc. (Lee Fisher, Strickland's Lieutenant Governor) and a defiantly anti gun Yvette McGee Brown, Strickland's running mate for governor. Kasich won, anyway, and the NRA has gunpowder on its face.

Late in his campaign for reelection as governor, Ted Strickland got a lot of publicity for taking a sudden interest in taking shooting lessons - with his wife.
I do want to thank the Governor for his endorsing the Castle Doctrine in our great state of Ohio, but how could we have supported a man who has such close political and media friends (mostly liberal Democrats) who are so anti Second Ammendment?

Did Strickland promise the NRA something we don't know about?