Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Ohio Man Burns 9 To Death, Yet Judge Says "Too Retarded For Death Sentence"

One of the great advantages from dropping out of, or even graduating from, the public school system is that you are almost guaranteed to have an IQ of 70 or below, and thereby earn a free pass to kidnap, murder, rape, pillage, or in this case, burn 9 people to death, and not have to face capital punishment yourself.

This is the case of one Antun Lewis, 27, who has been given leniency from a possible death sentence - before his trial has even begun - by a Clinton appointed Ohio Federal District Judge Solomon Oliver, who seems not to share too much wisdom with his Biblical counterpart, King Solomon.

Antun Lewis is accused of setting fire to a 100 year old house where one adult and 8 kids were having a sleepover in 2005. They all burned to an horrific death.

Democrat Judge Solomon read from a 49 page psychobabble filled report, which indicated that Antun had "learning disabilities" and "impaired social skills." So, the social workers, shrinks, and other psychologists, who supplied the diagnosis, are just as wanting in wisdom as Solomon, the liberal judge who listened to them.

This blunderous, conviction-lacking judicial/psychiatric decision ranks right up there with the case of Mary Winkler in Tennessee, who in 2006 got away with shooting her preacher husband in bed because he "made her wear a wig and high heel shoes," according to Selmer, Tennessee psychiatric/sociologist "expert testimonies," which, in effect, gave Mary a free ride out of her temporary loony bin.

And, who can forget another Ohio man, Sidney Cornwell, who in 1996 as a member of the Youngstown Crips gang shot and killed a 3 year old girl as she was playing on her house porch. Governor Strickland this year commuted Cornwell's death sentence because Cornwell, 'Was teased as a boy because of a genetic condition which prohibited him from developing properly, and which also caused him to grow large breasts' (manboobs).

Back to Antun Lewis. Among the many brushes with the law Antun has encountered according to Cuyahoga County Ohio court records, it seems that he was not all that retarded or disabled when he was caught illegally driving cars, buying and selling dope, tampering with evidence, using criminal tools, and beating up various people within and without prison.

Not such a great message to send younger potential murderers - that the dumber they are, the more favorably they will be treated by the courts.

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