Tuesday, December 21, 2010

What Does Torah Say About Sodomy? Don't Ask Joe Lieberman

I thought it was commendable when Joe Lieberman entered the presidential race in 2000, because he professed to be an observant Jew - unlike so many liberal Jews who make no profession of their Jewish heritage, and in fact, seem to run from it. Mark Levin is one of several people of Jewish faith who I respect for his patriotism, as well as his dedication to Yahweh. Of course, as a Christian I would wish that he would understand Isaiah 53 differently, but he is serving a purpose by defending the Constitution like not many do - including Christians.

Even though it was widely publicized, during the Presidential campaign of 2000, that Joe would do no work on the Sabbath - or Shabbat, including not operating light switches, I started to think, and then to worry. What about an enemy launching a nuclear attack on America, on the Sabbath, or what about other scenarios where . . . ? You get the point. I believe, before Joe was chosen as Al Gore's running mate, he would not campaign on Saturday, but he eventually eliminated his Sabbath rest so that he would be free to help (what was he thinking?) Al Gore challenge W Bush in 2000.

Lieberman, I had thought, had always been a restraining, moderate, and sensible force who could counteract those crazy atheist leftists in his party. I thought even more of Joe when he supported John McCain, however, his fellow Democrats demonized him to the point of forcing him to run as an Independent in his home state of Connecticut. So, what's not to like, already, about a man who apparently shows devotion to God, and has been extremely anti-Castro, and anti communist, as opposed to his other mishcopah in the Senate as well as in the Synagogue? Like Bernie Sanders.

Well, old Joe Lieberman may have observed much of the Torah and other writings of the Old Testament, as best he could, but recently he smashed the O.T. Commandments in Mosaic fashion, supporting gays (Biblically - Sodomites) outing themselves within the U.S. Armed Forces. Let no one say that law and government can be excluded from religion. Every code, policy, law, and congressional mandate that has ever been made, has been decreed on the basis of someones personal code, religion, or philosophy. Joe's code, evidently, is to pacify the homosexual lobby and ignore some of the other Older Testament scriptures.

Joe's Bible in several places simply and clearly condemns sodomy. Does he not remember the story of Sodom and Gomorrah? How about the reference in Deuteronomy which labels the "price of a sodomite" as an abomination? Or, how about in the Book of Judges where certain men of the tribe of
Benjamin demanded that they "have" the male occupants in a home where a Levitical priest was abiding with his concubine? The men of the house were spared, but the sodomites must have been bisexual, because they ended up with the concubine and raped her - to death, which is also Biblically prohibited.

Leviticus 18:22 says it most clearly. Thou shalt not lie with mankind, as with womankind: it is abomination. I have noticed that even the not so liberal Fox News Jews (rhyme not intended), who I have strongly admired because of their conservative stands, have no problem with homosexuality, generally, nor gays publicly announcing their gayness in the military. Maybe Charle's Krauthammer's experience as a psychiatrist has schooled him to be tolerant of sexual deviations, but his Torah prohibits it. Sodomy is also one of those 'untouchable' subjects, like abortion, to Glenn Beck, a very prominent goyim. Beck is very informative and possibly on a spiritual journey, I hope, from Catholic to Mormon to ??????

So, Senator Joe Lieberman can avoid using light switches on Sabbath, and he surely can prove his religiosity by not turning on the stove on Saturday, but I don't think G-d is too impressed with these little Mizvahs (good deeds), when one of His chosen supports open homosexuality in the military.

Oy vey, may I say?

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