Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The New York Times Must Be Held Responsible For The Tuscon Shootings And Other Crimes Against Humanity

First of all, I request that everyone say actual prayers for all of the victims and their families involved in the Tuscon Arizona massacre. What good has a "moment of silence," ever done for anyone in need? A moment of silence is like saying, " Lets not invoke the Almighty into this affair, as it might offend someone." Never mind that it might offend Someone to make the pointless gesture of bowing one's head and blanking out the mind.

Speaking of blanking out the mind, If ever there was a liberal zeitgeist going on in a community for some time it would be Tuscon, Arizona. Very liberal, and mostly Democrat, Tuscon has produced such luminaries as the teacher who taught Loughner to perform "Conscience Dreaming" in the local Tuscon community college, and Sheriff Dupnik, who's very name indicates that he was easily duped into proclaiming that America's "hostile environment" is due to the zeal of everyone from Sarah Palin, to Rush Limbaugh, to the Tea Partiers ad nauseum, ad infinitum.

According to Wikipedia (which has replaced the NY Times, "The Newspaper Of Record," because it is more accurate), Tucson is a Democratic city within the larger Democrat county of Pima, where liberal sheriffs, liberal schools - through college - abound. They regularly vote for leftists, including Kerry and Obama. Tuscon does have what is called a "weak mayor," Republican, who is legislatively outweighed by the Tuscon city council. Sheriff Dupnik has been called the "anti Joe Arpaio, for his pro illegal alien sympathies. Quite the rebel, that Sheriff Dupnik.

Is it not probable that Tuscon's Zeitgeist* has been heavily influenced by the disgraceful, blasphemous, and unconstitutional ravings of the NY Times, which has led the way for over forty years to eliminate everything that is good about the United States? Messrs. Sulzberger, Krugman, Herbert, Rich, Sulzeburger, Dowd, Keller, Friedman could easily have provoked Adolph Hitler, Vladimir Lenin, Pol Pot, and Mao to do the unmentionable, unthinkable, inhumane abominations they are known for in history. (I'm on such a jag of exaggeration, I could write for the NY Times). Yes, these Times editors and columnists did pull a trigger - in the minds of crazy people from the East Coast to the West, and must be held accountable. Economics alone should have killed off the NY Times, but I believe it was salvaged by a high interest loan from Mexico. We will not forget you, Mexico, for bailing out the Times, and we will not be vacationing in Acapulco even though a tourist rep from your country guaranteed that, "Signor, the drug wars are only killing other Mexicans, not American tourists."

*Zeitgeist happens to also be a movie/movement non critically written about in the NY Times - which was quite influential toward Tuscon shooter Jared Loughner's dizzy thinking. The very liberal Peter Joseph created Zeitgeist after exposing the "Christ Myth" in previous works, along with proving the illegality of U.S currency, and supporting 9/11 conspiracies. Jared Loughner seemed to have hated George Bush II as much as the NY Times, and had even less regard for Jesus than the New York Times - if thats possible.

Liberals, like the NY Times do not advocate discipline in the home, in the school, nor disciplining wild Jihadists around the world. Perhaps, a little more discipline in Loughner's life - like, what do you think - jail or mental institution confinement - when he was so disorderly, may have toned him down. No, liberals believe that, "There is no such thing as a bad boy," unless he is Christian.

It is very easy to pick out the Mother of All News Feeds, the New York Times as one of the prime instigators of such wacky thinking. The New York Times is even ahead of the Daily Kos, The Huffington Post, Media Matters, ABC, NBC, CBS News, Olbermann, Maddow, Matthews, Scarborough, etc. in its historic animosity toward eveything patriotic, sensible, civil, and holy.

It was the NY Times Paul Krugman, who, even before Representative Giffords was successfully, thank God, operated on, proclaimed that it was the conservative right, Tea Party atmosphere which induced the quite mad Tuscon man to produce such unspeakable carnage. It was the same NY Times which cautioned America (especially those on the Right) to not judge too quickly Army Major Hussan, a devout Jihadist Muslim, who shot and killed over 40 American soldiers while shouting Allah Akbar - God Is Great.

The Times has been notoriously reckless in tainting the minds of American citizens over the years by honoring such filthy artists, like Maplethorpe, as Maureen Dowd did last year, to Krugman's obsessive push to demand that the U.S. go into even more national indebtedness in order to save the economy. Also proving that Krugman's sanity is in question is reinforced by the fact that he was recently awarded a Nobel Prize, you know, that award that is thrown out for no obvious reason to darkened luminaries such as Al Gore and President Obama.

Practically every newspaper and Television news media outlet across the country, including the Associated Press, has adjusted its news presentation according to what is written in the money-losing NY Times. There can be no doubt that the liberal community of Tuscon, Tuscon's sheriff, its public schools, union teachers, as well as its liberal newspapers (Arizona Star wishes Sarah Palin would shut up) have been influenced by the Old, Rotting, Grey Lady. All The News Fit To Spit At. Jared Loughner was heavily involved in Satanic practices ritualizing in a tent in his backyard which housed an altar with candles and a distorted skull. Conservatives would call this nutty, the NY Times would see it as merely child's play. Loughner enjoyed the Communist Manifesto as well as another socialist workbook - Adolph Hitler's Mein Kemph. Clearly the NY Times writers have based their ideology on Lenin's and Hitler's ideas of a massive, omnipotent government over the people.

Loughner's crazy disruptions in class would be defended by the ACLU, and backed by the Times, I'm sure. I think I have more proof for these statements than Chris Matthews, Rachel Maddow, Paul Krugman, and Sherriff Dupnik have for their outlandish finger pointing. They are the ones fomenting outrage, irrationality and paranoid schizophrenia. They are the ones trumping-up all matter of sin in order to seduce the American public.

They are the ones, again, threatening to unleash the FCC Fairness doctrine on Talk Radio, and they are the ones already demanding that guns not be owned by sane and law abiding people - which is just about everyone not associated with the liberal left. I do have doubts about Independents, because, I hear, that some of them read the New York Times.

I hope, some day, that the NY Times and their compadres on the left may be brought up on charges of crimes against humanity. I also hope that does not sound too violent during this time dedicated to civility. Right, they want us to be civil while they rant and rave and destroy our Republic.